Krampus, the holiday anti-hero

By Matt Kasprzyk

I really don’t get into “the holiday spirit.” This time of year really doesn’t get me excited. You could blame the commercialism of traditions, or the impositions of religion, or just call me a scrooge. Will Ferrell is funny and all, but it’s just another gray day here. As I tap this out, it’s wet and gray outside, and for the last week the weather has left me with little ambition to get out of bed in the morning. Nothing much to get excited about.

But there are some great things about this time of year. The Winter Solstice. From here on out the days get longer again. Now that’s something to celebrate! So why does everyone have to mess with that? You know that else I like, Krampus! Maybe it’s ingrained in my Central European genes. But really I think I like Krampus because I don’t like the holidays. He’s my holiday antihero. “Krampus will shoot your eye out, kid!”

Check out this video that might even make baby Jesus cry.

And my final brain fart for this season is I wonder if it’s ok to make fasnachts for the Winter Solstice.




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