Review: Koski Contour Gel Saddle

By Lanie Ann

A saddle is a personal matter. No single saddle is going to satisfy every rider…So all a company can do is design a saddle using the latest technology and the finest parts, and hope it fits as many butts as possible. The Koski Contour Gel saddle is well thought out, incorporating all the features riders are looking for these days. Let’s start at the beginning. This saddle has a dropped nose which has gained popularity in the past few years and for good reason, it’s great for climbing steep sections. Next up is the center section. Here they not only dropped this section by 6mm for soft tissue relief, but they added gel for extra comfort. I’m not a big fan of saddles with holes in them, so adding the gel here is a nice alternative. From here we head to the rear of the saddle where we find trimmed corners. This design feature is supposed to allow you to get off and on the saddle with ease. To some extent it does provide more movement, but there is a downside. The corners seemed to be cut off right where I needed to perch my ichials (those two little bones in your butt that you sit on). In my opinion the pain I felt when seated outweighed the supposed movement advantage. Which brings me right back to my opening statement — a saddle is a personal matter. Someone else’s bones may fit perfectly on this saddle. The overall construction of the Koski saddle is very nicely done. It is covered in luxurious black leather and held up by titanium rails, both top of the line features. It looks sharp and has held up beautifully, showing no signs of wear after several months of use. Weight: 285 grams. MSRP: $90.

Contact: Koski Engineering, 475 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941; 415.389.6090;


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