Karl’s 1995 E-Motion B2 Singlespeed

I wrote a few words about my ’95 E-Motion B2 for the "Owner’s Bikes" section of the East Woods Research website. I thought Dirt Rag readers might enjoy reading it too:


In its current incarnation, my 1995 EWR (medium frame, serial number: EWR-RF-95-1120) sports a singlespeed conversion via a White Industries ENO eccentric hub. With a 80mm Fox fork up front the BB sits around 13.5" off the trail. Combine that with a Hone crankset with built in rock guard (sans small ring), and you have a log-hopping, monster truck of a hardtail.

I was a bit concerned that the 80mm fork might slow down the handling too much, but the bike is still flashbulb quick in the singletrack and totally flickable. In fact, the fork seems the perfect match. Ceramic rims provide solid braking, in wet or dry conditions. Old skool Kore stem for style points and proper reach.

I’ve included a few "action hero" shots of me racing the bike at the 2008 SSUSA race in Tennessee. I railed the twisty singletrack and climbed like a scalded monkey. What a blast racing this bike! Much respect.




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