Jeff Lockwood: The Dirt Rag roast

Editor’s note: Jeff Lockwood worked at Dirt Rag for longer than he’d probably like to admit. Now he’s off to Arizona as marketing director for Pivot Cycles and BH. We wish him the best of luck in his new ventures, but we were’t going to let him off the hook quite so easily….



Smell You Later, Lockwood


By Karl Rosengarth

As Jeff Lockwood moves on to inspect the green-ness of the grass on the other side of the street, I could use this space to sing the praises of a guy who contributed more that his share of creativity and energy to our humble enterprise over his career. But were’s the fun in that? This is Dirt Rag we’re talking about, so allow me to deal the dirt.

Jeff Lockwood has some very peculiar tastes in food and drink. He’s the only mountain biker I know that doesn’t eat vegetables. I’ll admit that his taste for microbrews is more typical of the breed, but then he goes and slings a curveball with his unabashed passion for Iron City Light. I suppose every quaffer is entitled to his favorite "session beer", so perhaps I should not judge.

But, quirkiest of all is Jeff’s addiction to iced tea in a paper carton. No plastic, no glass no metal can my friend. No, no, that just won’t do. It’s gotta be the paper carton. The glorious waxy-papery melange that imparts its own distinctive nuances to the flavor of the golden-brown liquid contained within. During Jeff’s stint at DRHQ, he was on the "carton per day" diet. At some point he’d collected enough spent cartons to cover one entire wall of his office with his empties. That was quite the sight.

Jeff, as you pedal down the road toward your new adventure, I raise my carton in the air: Prost!


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