It Came From the Basement!! More stange stuff from the stash

Dirt Rag has been around a long time—22 years and counting, all in the same office. As you can imagine, we have acquired quite a collection of Stuff. Since 1989, we’ve been writing about some of the best and not-so-best mountain bike products ever brought to the market.

Last week we showed you some interesting stuff we found in a dusty old box. Now we’ve got some more. Some of the stuff we can’t even identify. Recognize any of this stuff? Let us know in the comments below!


First we have to types of chain cleaners or chain guides. Looks like we’re missing some pieces. Anyone recognize these? Then there is some sort of brake adapter. I think so, anyway.

Rad Decalz prevent your helmet from looking bogus. Yuk!

Some Hershey Racing crankarm bolts. I’m REALLY digging the spaceman version.

Joe’s Components made this … looks like a cable tip? I’m not sure. And if your wheels aren’t stiff enough, you can always bolt on this hub flange to increase your spoke angle. What could possibly go wrong? 

Got junk?

Got any crazy old gizmos? Send ’em my way and if I get enough I’ll post ’em here.



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