Interbike Mini-Review: BH Gira

During Interbike week, we borrowed a variety of bikes from companies to ride from our rental house to the indoor show, plus to parties and happenings around town after dark. Not only did this make our experience much more enjoyable, it allowed us a closer look at some of the latest offerings in the realm of transportation and utility bikes. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be presenting our impressions of our time with these bikes as mini-reviews on the Bicycle Times website.

bh bikes

Fixed-gear singlespeed bikes are everywhere these days; on city streets and college campuses, on TV, in magazines and catalogs, and especially in the halls of the Sands Convention Center at Interbike. While some purists scoff at the “fakengers” or “posengers” riding “hipster sleds,” the fact is that they’re popular for a reason. They are a mix of style and function. Sure, often times style outweighs function and crosses the line of ridiculousness. That is the way of popular culture. But the clean lines of a classic bicycle frame without geared bobbles and cabled bits can be a thing of beauty. A good example of this is the BH Gira, my personal Interbike transportation. Click here to read the mini-review on the Bicycle Times website.


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