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Thursday evening is usually the night to go big at Interbike. At least for me. The show closes on Friday, there’s a lot of parties and it’s the last chance to hang out with many of my bicycle friends until next year. So…it was a late night.

The fun got started around 2pm with DPow and Portland Design Works. Dan had me come over to their suite in the Venetian to have some beer and check out their stuff.


After I was done questioning Dan about all the products, he and I walked to the package store so I could get a case of beer for the day’s taping of Dirt Rag TV. And then things started to get really interesting. Though I’ve done much research on the subject, I wanted to get some professional insight into the relationship between beer and cycling. Stevil, Selene and Nick helped all of us understand a bit more. Theories were proposed, words were spoken and much beer was spilled. Thankfully InterbikeTV didn’t kick us out. I will get the videos from all the shows posted next week.


The beer pretty much flowed the rest of the day…into the evening. And then the morning.

Ran into BRose from the Shockspital over at the Surly booth. It’s always good to see Brian, and here he is showing off his newest product.


A bunch of us rolled over to the Kona Pool Party. They always put out a really nice spread of food, and a wide range of beer…everything from Pabst to Dogfish Head. Actually, it was pretty cool to see some Dogfish Head (from Delaware) out here in Nevada. About six of us sat and watched the steel drum player for about an hour. He sensed we all wanted to give it a spin and he handed over the sticks.


Our group split up there. Mo, Frank and Robert headed to the Pinball Hall of Fame and then the Gold Sprints. The rest of us headed over to the Crit Races over at Mandalay Bay. From there we moved over to the Hard Rock, where a varied and colorful collection of bicycle people had gathered. Some of us danced and some of us stood and watched.

But it was all fun.


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