Interbike Dirt Demo 2017 – Final days in the desert

Interbike will be moving to Reno next year, and Outdoor Demo will be at Northstar resort, so these last two days at Bootleg Canyon were slightly bittersweet. In theory, I like the desert, but in reality, my Irish genetics can’t deal with more than a couple days of the dry heat before I start feeling like a piece of beef jerky.

The final Dirt Demo at Bootleg Canyon was a quiet affair, the first day was sparsely attended, the second days only slightly more so. We didn’t find much new to write about, but here are a few things that caught my eye

Shimano XC5 GRAVEL shoe

Yes, this is being pitched as a gravel specific shoe. Yes, one of the colorways is the same as the similar Giro model. I found both those a little odd, too. Put that aside and let’s check them out.

Built on a wider last than Shimano’s standard road or performance mountain bike shoes, the XC5 is a 7/12 on Shimano’s stiffness scale. The soles use a carbon reinforcement and Michelin rubber, and can accept cleats up front if needed.

The lace system can be tightened independently at the top and bottom for customizing the fit with a simple tensioning system. There is a women’s model with a different last and purplish/pink trim.

$150, you should be able to find them for sale as you read this.

Skratch Nutrition Bars

Skratch hydration products are an office favorite, so we were stoked to try a few flavors of this new bar.

Cherry Pistachio, Ginger Miso (and one other I didn’t write down), expect these in October. Designed to be shelf stable for one year, but they don’t taste or feel like something that can sit on a shelf that long. Not too chewy, not too sweet, just right for a snack that tastes more like real food.

Henty Enduro Backpack

Not really a backpack, but more of a big hip pack, the Enduro Backpack can carry a 3 liter bladder and enough tools and food for a full day out. Bucking the treads of ultralight materials, this pack has the look and feel of a sturdy military-issue pack.

$110 with no bladder, it is a pretty good deal as well. Expect it to ship soon.

We’ve got a few bikes to talk about as well, but overall things were quiet (and HOT) out in the desert.


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  1. All the sweaty-back benefits of a standard backpack, but now with the option to have your gear loosely strapped to the outside and ready to fall out on the trail!


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