Interbike Day Three

Time to move the show into the cavernous halls of the Sands Convention Center. Surely I’m not the only one that thinks it’s a damn shame that the name of this giant box is the only remnant of the legendary hangout of the Rat Pack? But I digress.

Today we hit the show floor with a spanking new booth – well, at least most of it was new. In any case, it rocks.


We saw a lot of interesting stuff, and talked to some knowledgeable bike people. Check out our new-improved Gallery for the scoop.

We also did the first couple segments of Interbike TV: one on the theme of bike projects in developing countries that actually make a difference (“real good instead of feel good,” as Craig Calfee said), and one with a couple of mountain bike pioneers and their passion for getting people to ride all the time, not just on trails. We’ll have those videos up fairly soon after the show.

This evening, Maurice and Eric went to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame induction ceremony, an Interbike tradition. Some others are just now heading out to Cross Vegas to check out the action… rumor has it some Belgians are going to show up to throw down.

Tune in at the same bat time, same bat channel tomorrow for more.


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