Interbike Day One

Today was the first day of the whole shebang, starting off with the Dirt Demo. Some of us grabbed demo bikes for some hot laps (hot being the operative word), while Justin and I took the opportunity to take pictures and ask questions. There is so much going on at Interbike that it’s hard to get a good sampling at the indoor portion alone so we thought we’d get a jump start.


This is a good time to introduce our new Gallery for photos, which we’ve been tweaking and fiddling with for some weeks now, so that we could present our awesome Interbike photos in a cleaner and easier-to-view format. There are also captions to tell you about what you’re seeing. Check it out, and look for much more in the coming week.

Meanwhile, back at the convention center, the artistic types and the nuts-and-bolts guys in our crew assembled our brand-new booth (made out of some recycled parts), which took them most of the day, but the results are fabulous. You’ll have to wait until our first indoor show update to see it.



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