Interbike Day Four

The second day of the indoor show was the scene of many a hearty greeting. Really, this whole thing is just a big ol’ family reunion for the bike industry. There are a lot of people we only see and maybe hang out with a bit once a year.

We tried to hit as many booths as possible today, but after this second day, it felt like we had only covered about half the show floor. Nevertheless, we found some cool stuff to show you.

One thing that is always fascinating is the mix representation, from huge companies we’re all familiar with and their giant installations with rotating stands and pro lighting and glass cases, to the one lone person walking the floors telling about their tiny garage operations. They all come here in one big soup; we journalists dip in a spoon, and sometimes come out with a big hunk of familiar potato, and sometimes a tiny sliver of some exotic spice. It’s all good.

For Dirt Rag style  photo-journal coverage from the show floor, click on our  Day Four Gallery.


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