Interbike Day Five

Friday was the last day of the show. We saw a lot – here are just a few things to tide you over until we can take a breath and post more.


The whole week was a whirlwind. Besides all the ogling of stuff, there was also a lot of hanging out and having a good time – read Lockwood’s blog about his Thursday activities. Matt, Andrew, Shannon and Andy also took a trip to the Hard Rock and rubbed shoulders with what sounded like half the industry, from Floyd Landis to Hans Rey. There will be more photos and words posted about the after-dark goings-on, once we sort out the stuff that’s too incriminating…

Some of our hanging out and having a good time occurred on video, in fact, right in the Interbike TV studio. You’ll get to see this and the rest of our Interbike TV mini-shows sometime in the coming week, after Lockwood gets himself back to home base in Belgium and readjusts to an opposite time zone.

Here Nick Sande, Selene Yeager and Stevil Knevil expound on the pairing of bikes and beer. The nice TV people didn’t even kick us out for spilling some on their couch.


Our Interbike experience was made much better by the fact that we got to commute to the show on bikes graciously loaned to us, often traveling by quiet back streets, avoiding clueless tourists for the most part. We’ll be posting mini-reviews of these bikes in the next couple of weeks.

So keep checking this space as we decompress and debrief (and rehydrate – they don’t call it the desert for nuthin’.)


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