Interbike 2011: New colors and components from Thomson

Thomson is not known for being an innovative component manufacturer. They stick with what they know and make bomber products. Much like the Model T, you can get Thomson’s stems and seatposts in any color, so long as that color is black…or silver. But now, times are changing.

Thomson may be a few years late to the anodized part party, but better late than never. These $40 kits will come in gold, red and blue, with the possibility of more colors on the horizon. Each kit includes an anodized X4 faceplate and matching top cap. Six, 3mm fasteners are included with each kit. Thomson is switching from 4mm to 3mm fasteners on all their stems to mitigate the risk of over-tightening bolts. (3mm wrenches twist more than 4mm ones, providing the tactile feedback that lets the torque wrench-impaired know that enough is enough already.)

Thomson now has something to offer the gravity set. The new direct mount stem comes in a high and low versions in 40mm or 50mm lengths. Retail will be $100. They will be available around December.

We got a sneak peak at Thomson’s prototype titanium bar at this year’s DirtFest. It’s not quite ready for production but it’s getting closer. Thomson expects to offer their Ti handlebar in 3, 6, 9 and 12° bends and multiple widths.

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