Inside Line: RockShox updates the Lyrik and introduces new Yari fork

Today, RockShox announced significant updates to the Lyrik as well as as a completely new model based on the Lyrik chassis called Yari.


MY16_RS_LYRIK_275_RCT3_GLBLK_FrontThe Lyrik was well liked among the hard-charging set, but was stuck in 26-inch wheel purgatory, a sad place to be for such a well made fork.

No longer. The new Lyrik will be available for 27.5 and 29-inch wheels. Some may bemoan the loss of the Mission Control DH damper with its high and low-speed compression clickers, but the Charger damper is well proven under riders who charge mighty, mighty hard.

Billed as stiffer and sturdier than the Pike (and a few hundred grams heavier), the Lyrik is beefed up via tapered legs and a taller stiffer brace. Stanchions remain 35 mm. The wiper seals and internal seals in the Charger damper are now provided by SKF, an upgrade that is shared with all Charger-equipped forks 2016. Both Solo and Dual Position air springs can use Bottomless Tokens to adjust air spring volume. The rebound damper can also be tweaked internally to adjust rebound via shims, tech carried over from the Boxxer.


Boost 15×110 spacing and “standard” 15×100 will be available, and the Boost 29″ fork can handle 27plus (27.5×3.0) tires as well. Travel is 160, 170 or 180 mm for the 27.5, 150 or 160 mm for the 29.

Both the 15×100 and 15×110 versions are Torque Cap compatible. Torque Cap hubs use oversize axle ends are said to create a stiffer connection at the hub, leading to more precise steering. Standard hubs work fine in Torque Cap comptable forks, but don’t try to shove a Torque Cap hub in your non-Torque Cap fork. Not going to work.

The high-end RCT3 will be the only fork available for aftermarket sales, the less expensive RC version will be OE-only.

Lyrik RCT3 Solo Air – $1,030.00

Lyrik RCT3 Dual Position Air – $1,110.00

Available October 2015


MY16_RS_YARI_275_RC_GLBLK_3QThe new Yari is a less expensive option to the Lyrik (and the Pike for that matter), but claims the same stiffness as the new Lyrik.

Externally, it seems identical to the new Lyrik, but internally a revised Motion Control Damper takes the place of the more expensive Charger. Damping rates have been updated to replicate the feel of the Charger damper, including the Rapid Recovery Rebound Circuit.

The rest of the features are the same as the Lyrik, but the Yari gets more travel options; 120-180 mm in 27.5, 120-160mm in 29/27plus.

All travel lengths and hub widths are the same price. This might be a hot upgrade for those trail bikes that came stock with a 32mm fork, but the Pike or Lyrik is a little too spendy.

Yari RC – $700

Available October 2015



More info is already on RockShox website.



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