Ibis launches new DV9 carbon hardtail

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On Monday, Ibis launched its newest carbon hardtail, the DV9. Inspired by Lili Heim, the varsity XC racing high school daughter of Ibis co-owner and CEO Hans Heim, this bike is designed to be fun, fast, and affordable. With 67.4° travel on a 120mm fork (68.5° on a 100mm fork), the geometry is slacker than a typical cross country bike. This frame is designed for 29″ wheels and between 2.25″ and 2.6″ tires, so you can get pretty fast and raw on the race course and chew up some gnarly roots without worry. It won’t fit 27.5 plus tires, but those 29 x 2.6″ers should get you over whatever you need to devour.

Please credit: @maxwellfrank


While “fun” is what always catches my eye, the price point is possibly this bike’s plushest feature. How much would you pay for a carbon hardtail frame? Ibis thinks a cool bike should be able to be purchased by working the movie theatre counter on weekends, or doing lawn work all summer. The frame goes for $999, and complete builds start at $2,199 for a SRAM NV build with aluminum wheels and a Fox Float 34 Rhythm Grip 120mm fork. Never fear, those of you who have money burning holes in your pockets: you can still go all-in on a build by spending up to $7,299 for complete XTR, Industry Nine hubs, carbon rims, and a Fox Float 32 Factory Step-Cast 100mm fork.

Please credit: @maxwellfrank
Please credit: @maxwellfrank


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