Help Approve New Singletrack at Mammoth Cave National Park

We just received the following access alert from the fine folks at IMBA. Now it’s up to you to make a difference:

IMBA urges all mountain bikers to support new singletrack at Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park. As part of their Comprehensive Trail Plan update, the park has included an option to build 6 miles of new trail for bicycling and hiking. Local mountain bikers support this option and are asking for a modification to build even more new singletrack.

Take Action! Tell the Park Service you support new singletrack. The deadline for comments is March 24, 2008.

Additional Information

Mammoth Cave National Park has been a longtime supporter of mountain biking, first opening trails in 1999. The park signed a formal agreement with the Bowling Green League of Bicyclists that year to permit mountain biking on a trial basis. That program has been successful and local mountain bikers have provided countless hours of volunteer labor to rehabilitate Mammoth Cave’s trails.

The Comprehensive Trail Plan update includes several alternatives, some of which call for a change in trail access for bicycles. IMBA and local riders support a modified Alternative 4 that would allow construction of 6 miles of new singletrack. This endorsement comes with the request that the Park Service allow for additional mileage to be constructed in future phases.

The vast majority of Mammoth Cave’s trails were not professionally designed, resulting in problems with erosion and muddiness. New trails would be built to minimize environmental impact and improve user experiences.

Local riders have been working with hiking and equestrian clubs to form a common vision for trails at Mammoth Cave National Park. A modified Alternative 4 has the support of diverse recreation interests.


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