Give me your worst shot


One of the reasons I’ve always had a slight preference for riding in dirt is that the landing is a lot softer. When you crash on pavement, it’s going to be your flesh and bones that absorb the blow — not the road.

But no matter where you are, goofing around on bikes is always an opportunity for some sort of crazy accident. Take this young fellow down in Australia for example:

JACK Hewitt’s much anticipated return to school this week is on hold as he recovers in hospital from a freak bicycle accident in his Rainbow Beach front yard.

In a manoeuvre his parents admit they will never quite figure out, the 8-year-old managed to come off his BMX and impale himself on the handbrake.

“He’s come off and yelled out `Dad, I’m stuck’,” said father Chris Hewitt. “I couldn’t believe it. The lever from the handbrake had gone right into his groin. Just missed his vital organs.”


Uffda. I’ve had some crazy injuries, including the infamous “stem stress test.” But never an actual impalement.


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