Review: Geax Arrojo 2.0

By Joel Kennedy

Arrojo is a Spanish word for a dry gulch, deep gulley or the small creeks that create them. The geography surrounding Dirt Rag headquarters is covered with these features, excluding the dry gulch, so the Geax Arrojo and western PA dirt is a logical marriage. This tire, according to Geax, is designed for drier, hardpack conditions and has an aggressive, yet very low profile tread, resulting in the most highly-prized handling characteristics: speed and traction. The continuous tread down the center of the tire has slightly raised knobs that dig very well while climbing even loose stuff, yet has surprisingly little rolling resistance on pavement. The tapered side knobs are big enough to let you track through corners with speed, but will not break away on a hard surface, making you wish you had worn racing leathers. And while they may not excel during our late fall through early spring riding season, it’s summer now and it’s time to go fast. In the time I’ve been riding them they’ve hardly worn at all after seeing a fair amount of road, which leads me to believe that the chemists responsible for the rubber compound have done something right. The folding version I rode weighs in at 500 grams and the rigid bead tubeless (UST) version weighs 740 grams. 2.0 is the only size available, but in my opinion, this tire has serious all-around potential, equally suited to racing, on road/offroad commuting or many an after-work burn. MSRP: $49.99. Color: Black.

Contact: Vittoria North, 1639 W Sheridan, Oklahoma City, OK 73106; 405.239.6141;


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