Gallery: The BC Bike Race team visits Jamaica

By Andreas Hestler. Photos and video by Connor MacLeod.

Jamaica is an amazing place to escape to while the rain and snow hammer Vancouver and the trails at home in British Columbia. In the spring of 2012 a posse of riders: Dean Payne, Darren Butler, Connor Macleod and myself signed up for the Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival, a guided tour that would take them deep into the lesser known parts of an amazing destination.

This crew of riders collected under the BC Bike Race banner rolled out for an amazing bike adventure. It was as much about camaraderie and experiencing another culture as it was about escaping the foul weather of our dark BC winters.

The chance to be guided on the ground by locals and explore off the beaten path in a destination like Jamaica was simply too much of a good offer, so while the weather did it’s thing at home we journyed south and east to the amazing island of Jamaica.

Mountain biking is an amazing connector–it brings people together and unites different cultures under one experience. We all share the same passion for exploration whether our backyard or abroad, mountain bikes are our vehicle of choice to take us into the wild and beyond.


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