Foundry cancels Router model, announces replacement

By Adam Newman

Foundry Cycles was cool enough to stop by our office last fall and let us take the first spin on its upcoming carbon-fiber hardtail, the Router. It was expected to be available by now, but some manufacturing issues have led Foundry to cancel the model outright, citing a commitment to quality and a replacement model that is ahead of schedule.

"On March 23rd we received word from our manufacturing partner about a potential problem with the Router frames. This was received just four working days before our shipment of production frames was set to arrive," said Brand Manager Jason Grantz.

"After investigation and a series of tests on the frames that arrived the 29th, a real problem was revealed… better than 50% of head-tubes on the full-production Router frames received are out of round and unsellable. Yes, we could weed out the good from the bad and sell some, as others might do. But, we’re Foundry and our commitment is unwavering. If it’s not right, it’s not right," he said.

Foundry informed its dealers and was excited to hear not only were dealers fine with the decision, they were very supportive, Grantz said. 

Birth of the Broadaxe

Even while the Router was moving from a computer drawing to a mold, Foundry had already begun the process of developing another 29er that was slated for release in the spring of 2013. When they heard about the problems with the Router, they called up their manufacturer overseas (a different one that made the Router) and found out the replacement was far ahead of schedule and had already passed EN testing.

It’s called the Broadaxe, and it’s expected to arrive in July and August, the Broadaxe sports a 142×12 rear thru axle, a super-wide BB92 bottom bracket shell, and more complaint tube shapes. Grantz said it has a very short wheelbase and gets the rider down in the bike rather than up on top of it.

You’ll see it here first

Grantz also told us the Broadaxe will be making its debut at Dirt Rag’s Dirt Fest on May 18-20. We’ll be one of the first people to ride one and report on it here. Stay tuned! 

2013 Broadaxe

Frame Only: $1,899

B1: $5,595 (SRAM XX Group, SID XX, Stan’s Arch w/ X.9)

B2: $3,749 (SRAM X.9 Group, Reba RLT, Stan’s Arch w/X.9)

B3: $2,999 (SRAM X.7 Group, Reba RL, Stan’s Arch w/X.9)

Sizes: 15", 17", 19", 21"

Bottom Bracket: BB92

Headset: IS42|52

Rear Axle: Syntace X-12 Thru Axle – 142×12

Head-Tube Angle: 71 (15"), 71.5 (17", 19", 21")

Seat-Tube Angle: 74

Chainstays: 438mm

Warranty: 10 Years (Original Owner)

Availability: July/August 2012





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