Fixed, and geared?

I was paging through one of the many cycling publications we get here at Dirt Rag HQ. It could be someone’s full time job to go through all of them, as we not only get the well known national magazines, we also get regional publications, small up-starts, and a wide variety of international magazines, some of which are not in English.

Velo Vision seems to cover recumbents, folders, commuters and electric bikes for the UK, not something that people in the US seem too interested in. But a small blurb caught my eye:

For those who don’t click the link, Sunrace/Sturmey Archer is toying with the idea of re-releasing a 3-speed fixed hub. I’m not sure about you, but I’d buy one tomorrow if it became available.


Send an email to Sunrace and tell’em your feelings.
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