First Look: Wolf Tooth B-RAD system

Wolf Tooth’s B-RAD, aka Be-Rad or Bottle Relocation and Accessory Device, is a versatile system for organizing your water bottles and other essentials using bottle cage mounts.

The system is built on three different mounting bases of varying sizes.

The B-RAD 2 simply allows you to move a bottle cage to an optimal position on smaller frames or full suspension bikes that don’t have a lot of frame space, or to mount B-RAD accessories on an unused set of bottle cage mounts. The B-RAD 3 and 4 provide additional space to mount extra accessories or a few water bottles, all on one set of bottle cage mounts. The B-RAD 4 is long enough to actually mount two bottles in line.

B-RAD 2: $17.95
B-RAD 3: $19.95
B-RAD 4: $22.95

The mounting bases are designed to work with a few different accessories.

The Double Bottle Adapter allows two bottles to be run side by side, either on the downtube or on the fork. At first glance, it looks as though knee strike would be an issue with two bottles mounted beside each other on the downtube, but this is allegedly not the case (according to Wolf Tooth and their tests).

Price: $23.95

The B-RAD Strap and Accessory Mount allows riders to securely strap down tubes, CO2 cannisters, extra clothing, or whatever else you want to carry with you on your bike.

Price: $29.95

Overall, this seems like a great system for anyone who wants to be able to carry more on their bike. I’m personally super excited about this possibility because as a small person who rides small bikes, I don’t have a lot of frame space. We’ll be getting the B-RAD in for review soon, so stay tuned for a full report on how this system performs in the real world!


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