First look: New MRP Stage fork


The White Brothers name has been retired, with forks being rolled into the very successful MRP brand. The Stage fork, which has been floating around for over a year in various prototype forms is finally ready for sale.

There are two sizes for this 35mm stanchioned fork: 29 inch, and 27.5/26 inch. MRP has been taking the competition seriously, and have held back releasing the fork until it could dial in the small bump sensitivity to best on the market.

All forks are assembled in house, and each fork is dyno tested before shipping. The 29er fork can go up to 150mm of travel, the 27.5/26 is 170mm. The axle to crown height on the 27.5/26 fork is shorter than most, allowing for more travel without affecting geometry.

One feature which sets the Stage apart is Ramp control. The dial atop the left leg control the preload on a secondary air chamber, which creates a more progressive ramp up at the end of the travel, which should allow riders of various weights and riding styles to get the feel they want, without disassembling the fork.



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