Sea Otter 2012: First look at Magura’s redesigned fork lineup

By Eric McKeegan

As we first reported on back in March, Magura is simplifing their fork line, dropping most of the names, but increasing the wheel size offerings to encompass 26-inch, 650b and 29-inch. All forks get the Team Suspension (TS) designation, with a number denoting the feature level. So a TS8 29 is the top-of-the-line 29er fork and a TS6 650B is a 650B fork one step below the TS8 . All forks use the same lowers, uppers and steerer tubes, the internals are the only thing that change, making for a weight savings of around 250-300 grams.

All forks retain 32mm stanchions and similar internals. The lowers on most forks will be using Magura’s proprietary 15mm axle assembly. One side of the axle has a removeable T25 wrench which is used to remove the axle from the other side. While this isn’t a quick release in the normal sense, it is in no way slow to remove, and the taper used to keep the axle tight means it doesn’t have to be cranked down so hard it becomes difficult to remove.

All forks are available with straight or tapered steerers and a range of travels. The 29 comes in 80mm, 100mm and 120mm travel, the 650B and 26” in 120mm and 150mm. All forks are internally adjustable for any of the available travel lengths, so that 100mm 29er fork you get for your hardtail can be bumped up to 120 when you get your pennies saved for that sweet full suspension trail bike.

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