First look: Hayes Radar brakes


Since the first Mag brake design brought hydraulic braking to the masses in 1997, Hayes has been continuously improving its products to perform better and be more user friendly. The new Radar brakes build on more than 25 years of experience with better performance, easier maintenance and improved reliability.


These XC/trail brakes are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with a split-clamp mount that can be run on either side for simplified moto setup.

The big change is a move from DOT fluid to a new, proprietary mineral oil blend dubbed Venom. Hayes is so confident that the new Radar brakes are better that they include a lifetime leakproof warranty—a pretty great sales point for folks who are more interested in riding than frequently servicing their braking system.

More user-friendly features include the Crosshairs caliper centering system and a high-quality sintered metallic brake pad.


Unlike much of the super-high-end products we cover at tradeshows, the Radar line is aimed directly at mid-tier products like the Shimano Deore, Magura MT2 and Avid Elixr 3 brakes, especially in the OEM market.

They will be available aftermarket, for $95 per wheel, not including rotors. Expect to see them in June.



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