First Impressions: Commencal Supreme

Dirt Rag readers, meet the Commencal Supreme, little brother of the Supreme DH I raced a couple of weeks ago.  This coil sprung 6″ travel bike is designed to be a highly versatile bike for burly riding—it will be a riot at your local gravity park, but is light and capable enough to pedal around, too. I have it on good authority that some folks run a double (the Supreme is compatible with a front der.) or a Hammerschmidt in order use the Supreme as their trail/XC bike.

The Supreme is available in two sizes: S/M and M/L. The 67º headtube has a replaceable sleeve which can be swapped to a +/– 1º sleeve, steepening or slacking the headtube by 1º which really changes the personality of the bike. So far, I’ve ridden it both in the 66º and 68º settings and was amazed how much the personality of the bike changed. The slacker setting lengthens the front center and slows steering down considerably, making the bike feel planted at warp speed. In the 68º mode the Supreme feels ready for playful trail rides.

It never ceases to amaze me just how well coil suspended suspension works. Back in the day, I would specifically purchase coil spring forks for their ride quality. As air suspension improved, I’d gotten away from coil springs. But, the Fox 36 Van R and Van R both provide the buttery smooth travel we expect from coil-sprung suspension.

This bike simply begs to be flogged, hucked, and jumped.

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Supreme photos courtesy of Commencal USA.


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