Finding Art by Bike

By Karl Rosengarth

When it comes to ferreting out the hidden gems within a cityscape, nothing compares to a bicycle ride. Blend a dash of curiosity with a willingness to explore—and you have a recipe for discovering places and sights that the average bear will never sniff out.

In a previous post
, I explained the premise behind my weekly exploratory ride with my pals Kevin and John Paul. Recently the three of us rode in search of a hidden site that taggers frequent and ply their trade.

Armed with some G2, we pedaled across town and bagged our quarry within spitting distance from a busy thoroughfare. Down a path along a creek, turn left into the woods, across a set of railroad tracks and—boom, there it was:

The backside of several industrial insta-buildings, along with several abandoned railroad bridges, were emblazoned with artistic statements sprayed on by local taggers.

I snapped away with my cell-phone camera.

Most shots include my co-conspirators and/or my art bike Ziggy, to give viewers a sense of scale. 

The scale of the work at this site (of which only a fraction is posted here) is simply amazing.

Until my next Brain Fart, let me remind you to get on your bike…

get lost…

and find things.


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