Featured Ride: North Umpqua IMBA Epic

North Umpqua IMBA Epic_1

This 69.5-mile trail segment certainly lives up to it’s status as an IMBA Epic. Don’t let that mileage turn you off though, as the North Umpqua Trail (NUT) can be ridden in segments or in its entirety as supported adventure.

North Umpqua IMBA Epic_2

Ridden west to east the NUT climbs along the North Umpqua River, gaining 9,000 feet of elevation while descending 5,300 feet. I know for certain I’d choose to ride the NUT from east to west so I could descend 9,000 feet while climbing only 5,300.

North Umpqua IMBA Epic_3

If you like endless singletrack through old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, then North Umpqua is for you. The route is a long-distance adventure best ridden in sections or over the course of multiple days with a support vehicle. For the hearty and fit, the route can be done in two days. For those who have the time, 4-5 days is very enjoyable.

Alternately, Oregon-based guide service Cog Wild offers guided tours of the NUT that look absolutely fabulous.

North Umpqua IMBA Epic_4

This video gives you a first-person taste what this incredible trail has to offer.

Be sure to check out all the details on MTB Project.

Photos courtesy of MTB Project.


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