Eric McKeegan named Editorial Commander of Dirt Rag Magazine

Eric McKeegan has been promoted to Editorial Commander of Dirt Rag Magazine.

McKeegan moves to the top editorial role after five years as Tech Editor for Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times. McKeegan has worked at Rotating Mass Media for 10 years and has a perspective on almost every position on staff.

“With his long-standing tenure with Rotating Mass Media, Eric has a vast understanding of Dirt Rag’s history and the creative talent to continue Dirt Rag’s legacy,” said Associate Publisher, Trina Haynes. “Eric and Stephen will revisit some of Dirt Rag’s creative visual roots while maintaining our vision for the future. Having two creative minds at the helm who both represent and understand the Dirt Rag readership will continue to satiate the magazine’s devoted followers.”

Prior to his employment with Dirt Rag, McKeegan worked an almost embarrassing number of jobs, many of which involved turning wrenches in bike shops. He started at Rotating Mass Media in 2007 and has spent time in every department, including a stint as Ad Sales Manager.

“I bought my first copy of Dirt Rag from a newsstand in 1993. I was busy soaking up bike culture from what few resources that were available back then, and Dirt Rag immediately seemed like family. Years later, Dirt Rag introduced me to singlespeeds, 29ers and the mayhem of the Punk Bike Enduro, and welcomed me into the deep state of the bike industry. Steering the bus is an honor I take seriously, and I am stoked to work with Stephen to travel to some strange and unexpected destinations.”

Before joining Rotating Mass Media in 2010, Haynes was designing T-shirts for a large screen printing company and moonlighting as a fine artist, illustrator and summoner of extraplanar beings. He worked as Art Director for Bicycle Times magazine before taking over visual responsibilities for Dirt Rag in 2016.

“I subscribed to Dirt Rag for nearly a decade before going on my first mountain bike ride. It was one of the few magazines on the newsstand prominently incorporating edgy, offbeat artwork that reminded me of the fanzines I read and helped create as a teenager. I also recognized it as a source of eldritch power that I felt drawn to. I’m looking forward to working with Eric and drawing on that visual legacy to help shape the future of the brand.”

Photo by William Kirk


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