ENVE unveils new M series mountain bike wheels


The new line consists of four models, each targeted at a specific type of rider’s needs.


Since its first carbon mountain bike rims in 2007, ENVE has continued to develop stronger and lighter products that meet the needs of riders pushing the envelope. Carbon fiber technology has evolved quite a bit in the past few years though, and the new line further diversifies the products to suit their intended use.


One priority for the new project was increased impact resistance. The new hookless tire bead leads to an increase in strength and a stronger structure. ENVE says it also allowed them to build rims to more precise tolerances, allowing riders to run lower tire pressures without worrying about unwanted air loss.

There are four models in the lineup, each named according to their downhill/uphill tendencies. 

The 50Fifty is a no compromise race wheel, designed with feedback from the Sho-Air and Cannondale Factory Race teams. It is available in 29-inch only.


The 60Forty is an all-purpose trail wheel that can be used for everything from XC to enduro racing. It is available in 29 and 27.5.


The 70Thirty is a big mountain bruiser that can tackle the most challenging lines. Like the diversity in terrain, it is built in all three wheel sizes.


The 90Ten is the full-bore downhill specific rim, an evolution of the rims that have won back-to-back World Championships. It is available in 26 and 27.5.


One of the hottest trends in mountain biking is customization, and ENVE is happy to oblige with custom decal colors that can be mixed and matched. There are six stock colors as well.




  • Rim Only: $999/rim
  • Wheelset w/ DT 240 $2718
  • Wheelset w/ Chris King $2750
  • Wheelset w/ DT 180 $3298 (M50,60,70 model only)



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