Dirt Rag Sponsors Rays’ MTB Park XCTT (cross country time trials)

Cold weather got you down? Bike gathering dust as your waistline expands and your muscles atropy on the couch? Has your race face turned into a slack jawed stare as you fixate in pro football broadcasts and insert junk food into your gaping maw?

Or maybe you just want to try something new?

Ray Petro has dreamed up a new event for this winter, indoor cross country time trials. The concept is simple: Ride your bike as fast as possible on a set course at Ray’s and put your time up against other riders over the course of 2 seasons. Fastest time at the end of the event wins. Plenty of prizes, and the winners of Season 2 (which runs from Jan. 23rd – Apr. 3rd, 2010) get their pictures published in Dirt Rag.  Prize list can be found HERE.

Time slots are available every Saturday and Sunday morning. $15 gets you 15 minutes. Calender with current schedule is HERE.

Not an XC honch? Might want to take a spin on the course anyway, all racers have a chance to win a bike (GT Zaskar in Season 1,  Fisher Paragon in Season 2). Each time you race gets you another entry for the raffle.

Still a little confused (this is the first event of its kind after all)? Check out this video, or click on the image below for more info.



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