Dirt Rag Offers Klunkerz DVDs

klunkerzNow you can order your very own copy of Klunkerz, Billy Savage’s award winning documentary that traces the Marin County roots and global rise of mountain biking, directly form our very own Dirt Rag online Merch Shop.

The film is a favorite among Dirt Rag staff. Here’s an excerpt from the Klunkerz “Recommendo” that that Andy Bruno penned for Dirt Rag‘s 20th Anniversary Issue #141:

There couldn’t be a more fitting subject for a movie Recommendo in the 20th Anniversary edition of Dirt Rag than the film Klunkerz. This documentary, the first film made by writer/producer/director Billy Savage, is the story of the early years of mountain biking in Marin County, California, told first-hand by the pioneers of the sport.

The film highlights include vintage photographs and video of the fabled Repack Downhill races and the Pearl Pass Tour, as well as interviews and commentaries from the riders who were there. It’s a fun glimpse into the early ’70s that makes you wish you could go back in time and ride Repack on a clunker with the rest of the gang.

Whether or not you care about the “birth” of mountain biking, Klunkerz examines the mythology surrounding the early years of the sport and documents the force that draws all of us to it and breaks it down to its most basic elements. It’s the challenge of riding a trail that once seemed unrideable and building the bikes that make it possible.

Click here to order your Klunkerz DVD today at the low, low everyday price of $22 (DVDs make a great gift too). Learn more about Klunkerz at www.klunkerz.com.


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