Dirt Rag Mega Event Schedule

Summer is but a memory, and with the cooler fall temperatures comes hot cyclocross racing action. Not to mention late-season mountain bike racing. It’s the perfect time to strap on a number plate and throw down.

Date State City Event Title Hyperlink
10.17.2008 OR Bend 14th Annual Bend’s Big Fat Tour www.bigfattour.com
10.18.2008 DE Wilmington Cyclocross at Granogue MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
10.18.2008 MI Thompsonville Peak 2 Peak MTB Classic www.endomanpromotions.com
10.19.2008 KY Grand Rivers Race to the Canal www.woodnwave.com
10.19.2008 MI Grand Rapids Cannonsburg Race Kisscross #4 www.kisscross.com
10.19.2008 MS Ridgeland McGee/Martin Lungbuster www.scrcs.com
10.19.2008 NY Roundtop Riedlbauers Roundtop Rall Catskill MTB Series #5 www.nysmtbseries.com
10.19.2008 PA Ludwig’s Corner Wissahickon Cyclocross MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
10.21.2008 RI Providence Interbike Outdoor Demo East www.interbike.com
10.24.2008 NC Davidson NMTB Oktoberfest USAC NUEC Final Race www.nationalmtboktoberfest.org
10.25.2008 CO Denver Denver Velo Swap www.veloswap.com
10.25.2008 KY Louisville Derby City International #1 (UCI C2) www.ovcx.com
10.25.2008 VA Williamsburg 21th Annual Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge www.active.com
10.26.2008 DC Washington DCCX MABRAcross www.mabra.org
10.26.2008 KS Arkansas City Tour de Lizard www.tourdelizard.com
10.26.2008 KY Louisville Derby City International #2 (UCI C2) www.ovcx.com
10.26.2008 LA Ruston Piney Hills Fall Classic (AMBC) www.tmbra.org
11.01.2008 CO Boulder Boulder Cup, NACX Trophy #4 www.spectasport.com
11.01.2008 MD Fair Hill Fair Hill Cyclocross MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
11.01.2008 OH Cleveland Ray’s MTB Park Season Opening www.raysmtb.com
11.02.2008 MD Elkridge Rockburn Cross MABRAcross www.mabra.org
11.02.2008 MI Grand Rapids Richmond Park Race Kisscross #5 www.kisscross.com
11.02.2008 OH Cincinnati Gun Club Cross www.ovcx.com
11.03.2008 KY Louisville Storm the Greens KY State Champs www.ovcx.com
11.08.2008 MI Traverse City Iceman Cometh www.iceman.com
11.08.2008 NJ Bridgeton Beacon Cyclocross MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
11.09.2008 NJ Jamesburg HPCX Cyclocross MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
11.09.2008 OH Dayton John Bryan Classic www.ovcx.com
11.09.2008 OK Bartlesville Osage Hills www.okearthbike.com
11.09.2008 TX Smithville Rocky Hills www.tmbra.org
11.09.2008 VA Charlottsville Urban Cross MABRAcross www.mabra.org
11.15.2008 CA Oroville 24 Hours of Gold www.lakeorovillebicyclists.org
11.16.2008 KY Lexington Promotion Cross at Veterans Park www.ovcx.com
11.16.2008 MI Grand Rapids Riverside Park Race Kisscross #6 www.kisscross.com
11.22.2008 NY Southhampton Super Cross Cup #1 – MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
11.23.2008 MI Grand Rapids Manhattan Park Race Kisscross #7 www.kisscross.com
11.23.2008 NY Southhampton Super Cross Cup #2 – MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
11.23.2008 OH Columbus Cap City Cross OH State Champs www.ovcx.com
11.23.2008 VA Leesburg Tacchino CiclioCross MABRAcross www.mabra.org
11.30.2008 KY Louisville Storm the Greens Cyclocross www.ovcx.com
11.30.2008 MD Taneytown MABRA Cyclocross Champs www.mabra.org
11.30.2008 VA Virginia Beach Mt. Trashmore Cross State Champs www.bikereg.com
12.07.2008 IN Indianapolis Brookside Cyclocross Cup IN Champs www.ovcx.com
12.07.2008 VA Reston Capitol Cross Classic – MAC Series www.midatlanticcross.info
12.14.2008 MI Holland Hope Field Race Kisscross #8 www.kisscross.com


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