Dirt Rag Literature Contest Winners

The 2008 Dirt Rag Literature Contest is done and the winner is in print in issue #138, with more great stories to come. We netted a pile of great stories, so many in fact that it made judging pretty difficult – but we’ll have more great stuff for you to read, in this issue, the next (#139 will feature the second place entry), and online, where we’ll post the rest of the finalists over the winter months. We may even have to reach deeper in the pile and share more, there were so many good entries.


While at Interbike, we spotted the very Spot Longboard that will go to the winner, Ryan Smith of Maysville, Kentucky. Spot has been busy this year working with Gates to perfect the belt drive that powers the Longboard (and an increasing number of other bikes), and from what we saw it seems that Ryan’s ride will be damn sweet. Not to mention beautiful!

After much consideration, thirteen finalist stories were chosen. These were read by the whole staff, who then voted for their top four, with points assigned for each vote. Here is the complete list of finalists:
1 – “The Life of Earl” by Ryan Smith – Spot Longboard Belt Drive Singlespeed winner
2 – “Where the Bicycle is King” by Kirsten Hammerstrom – Spot Custom 29er Frame winner
3 – “This Time Around” by Kevin MacGregor Scott
4 – “Gods of the Trail” by Ryan Garth Mitchell
5 – “On Going” by Damien Dabrowski
6 (tie) – “Stars Calling Me Home” by Carol Hassler
6 (tie) – “Nice Outside” by Joe Dodd
7 – “Ghosts” by Eric Chu
8 – “Now, Snow?” by Jeffrey Juneau
9 – “Angels of Mercy” by Mike Miller
10 (tie) – “A Communist” by Stephen Bate
10 (tie) – “Cooper’s Hollow” by Matt Cunningham
11 – “Mule Times” by Hendrick de Haan

From those of us at Dirt Rag, and all the readers who appreciate a good yarn, thanks to all who entered!


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