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Welcome to Dirt Rag #200. Two hundred issues: It’s a significant milestone for all of us here at the Rag, and we have you, the reader, to thank. As we flipped through issue after issue looking back at all we’ve done and everywhere we’ve been, it became clear that mountain biking is a joyous community of like-minded souls with the same passion. What you’ll see in this issue was specifically chosen to celebrate not only our milestone, but also our readers and all of our supporters who have been with us this whole time, as well as those who are newly arriving to the party. Hope you enjoy what we’ve put together.

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Cover illustration by John Ritter

The Dirt

We have a very special, extended version of Catching Up With that sheds some light our beloved founder, publisher and (still) owner Maurice Tierney plus mountain bike hall of famer Joe Murray opens the discussion on the reality of e-bikes in his Electrified Transportation Future story.



A Conversation With Gary Fisher: 9 Ways He Was Right (And One Way He Was Wrong) by Patrick Brady

We sat down with the hall of fame mountain bike designer and discussed nine design concepts he came up with years ago that are being utilized more than ever today. He also reveals one modern necessity found on almost every current trail bike that he passed over as far back as 1983.

The Dirt Rag 200

We’ve come a long way: 200 issues to be exact. To commemorate this bicentennial milestone, we sat down and took a trip down memory lane, pouring through issue after issue, unearthing 200 gems that document our 28 years and 200 issues.

This list isn’t meant to be just a historical look back; hopefully it inspires emotion and fond memories from not only our printed words but of things you’ve done and places you’ve been.

Heineken Logic and a Better World Because of Bikes by Joe Parkin

“I admit, I am the kind of guy who first looked at World Bicycle Relief (WBR) and asked, aloud, “Why Africa? What about the people here in the United States?”

Then I heard this story about World Bicycle Relief founder F.K. Day claiming Heineken as his beer of choice. According to the legend, Day chooses Heineken above all others because it is readily available everywhere. In other words, a bottle of Heineken is going to pour and taste the same pretty much everywhere on Earth. Which is a totally pragmatic approach. Right then might’ve been when I actually gave WBR a chance.

I learned about the Buffalo Bike, World Bicycle Relief’s totally intelligent and practical solution to the demands of its mission to bring bicycles to remote regions of Africa and elsewhere in the world by building one that can withstand the needs of the environment and terrain—and by establishing local infrastructure to keep these bikes running.”

Reviews and Stuff

Then and Now

In this special edition of Stuff, we take a look back at the way things used to be with some vintage components matched to modern counterparts. Each one has some historical significance, both to the magazine and to mountain biking in general.

Tested in this issue:

Santa Cruz Cameleon
Shimano Deore XT Di2
Fox Factory Series 36 Float 29 HSC/LSC
RockShox Pike RTC3

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