Dirt Rag 20th Anniversary Titanium Bottle Opener

Dirt Rag 20th Anniversary Titanium Bottle OpenerThanks to Paragon Machine Works for creating Dirt Rag‘s 20th Anniversary Titanium Bottle Opener. Fabricated from recycled scraps of Ti, each bottle opener features an engraved Dirt Rag logo and 20th anniversary date on the front, with unique scuffs and machining marks on the backside (mainly), making them as individual as you.

To add to the functionality a 15mm wrench, perfect for axle bolts, has been incorporated into the handle. Opener measures about 4 3/8″ long by 1.75″ tapering to .75″ wide and 5mm thick, the perfect hand size. This is a limited batch, so click here to get yours while you can. $25 each.


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