Dirt Rag 2009 Literature Contest Results Announced



We received more entries than ever for Dirt Rag’s Seventh Annual Literature Contest, and many of them were quite good, which made judging difficult. It came down to two standout stories, and the voting between them to determine the final winner was tight.

But a victor has emerged: Kevin MacGregor Scott, who has been a finalist in the Contest the last four years, finally made it all the way to the top with his story entitled “Libra.” Kevin was beyond thrilled to find out that he won, saying that, “In my short writing career, this is certainly the highest honor I’ve been graced with. I’m rather vibrating with joy right now…” He’ll be vibrating even more when he received his prize, a Santa Cruz Nomad X.9 expertly built by Speedgoat Bicycles. The winning story appears in Dirt Rag issue #145, hitting the newsstands October 6th.


The closer-than-close second place goes to Casey Smart for “Disappointment By Way of Gypsum.” The news of the win cheered Casey, who at the time was stationed in Oklahoma: “You just made a muddy, sh**ty day much better.” The considerable writing talent that went in to the story has earned Casey a Salsa El Mariachi built up as a trick singlespeed by Speedgoat. “Disappointment” will appear in Dirt Rag issue #146, on sale December 1st.



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