Digital Dirt Rag #141 Available Now

In case you’re just tuning in, allow me to remind you that Dirt Rag now offers a sweet digital version of the magazine, which is available through Zinio, a leading global online publishing and distribution services company. We recently posted the digital version of Dirt Rag #141, our collectable 20th Anniversary Edition, which may be purchased as a single copy for $4.95 via this link.

A one year (7 issue) digital Dirt Rag subscription is available for $9.95, a $10 saving compared to the domestic subscription rate for the printed version. Foreign subscribers who choose to go digital will save even more money, not to mention getting their issues of Dirt Rag a lot quicker than via the mail.

The digital edition provides the added bonus of hyperlinks to related content from within articles, and links to advertiser web sites from within advertisements. The “green” aspect of digital versus printed magazines is sure to appeal to many readers as well.

Click here to experience a sample of digital Dirt Rag within your web browser via Zinio’s robust, high-quality, reader interface.


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