Commencal unveils 2013 lineup with new hardtail models

Commencal sent us a look at its 2013 lineup today, and it includes several new bikes.

First up is the El Camino range, which includes 26- and 29-inch models, as well as a 26-inch, 120mm full suspension model and women’s specific models. Build kits are at the value end of the spectrum. 

The other all-new model is the Ramones, an all-mountain hardtail available in steel or aluminum. They are spec’d with 120mm or 150mm forks and a host of heavy-duty all-mountain parts. 

Commencal has also ridden off the trail and onto the road with the Le Route range of flat-bar road bikes. They’re designed for road riding in a mountain bike position for commuting or training. 

All of Commencal’s 2013 bikes feature the matte finishes that are so-totally-hot-right-now, in both bright and subdued colors. 

COMMENCAL 2013 / Backcountry bliss from COMMENCAL on Vimeo.


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