Change the sex of that bike!

How to get your son to ride your daughter’s bike?

It’s the kid’s-bike sex change!

And while I’m on the record as being a rabblerouser when it comes to department store bikes, this is the best Magna joke I’ve heard in a while:

The duct tape’s silver sheen began to dominate the Magna, which one could now refer comfortably refer to as the Magnus. Its adhesive manhood gleamed in the afternoon sun.

Traditionally, of course, people duct-taped their bikes to conceal that the frame was valuable. The idea was to throw bike thieves off the scent.

If your daughter rode a mixte frame, you could take this idea one step further by duct-taping a top-tube too.



Back in the day, we rode bikes that came with a removable top-tube, to facilitate, uh, gender assignment.

Of course, many of today’s really wacky FS frames can make you uncomfortable with the sex of your bike. In the event, you can always ride around with that trailer-hitch-bike-rack adaptor in place.



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