Celebrity cyclists: Buns of steel

There aren’t a lot of celebrities who get around on bicycles just as a matter of transportation. David Byrne is about the only one that comes to mind, although Paris Hilton took a memorable ride on her Stumpjumper a few days before going to the slammer.


But earlier this week, Matthew Modine had a party to launch his “Bicycle For A Day” global-warming initiative.  Liam Neeson was one of the A-listers who came to the party by bicycle.  Modine had apparently offered to buy Neeson’s dinner if he pedaled to the gala, but he saved the real reason: Biking literally affects a celebrity’s bottom line:

“Honestly, bicycling isn’t just fun and healthy and non-polluting, it’s sexy,” said Matthew at the Tuesday night bash, which was also attended by Robert Kennedy Jr – the nephew of late US President John F Kennedy. “It gives you a nice rear end.”


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