Paul Components Dropper Trigger

Paul Components Dropper Trigger – $90 By Scott Williams  At this point, I couldn’t even count the number of different dropper levers which I have used. There are certainly a few that stick out my mind and would recommend to friends, some that functioned perfectly fine but were otherwise unmemorable and a handful that […]

Cane Creek eeWings Mountain Crankset

Cane Creek eeWings Mountain crankset – $999 By Scott Williams Typically we would round-up the price of a particular product we are reviewing, but in the case of the Cane Creek eeWings crankset, that last dollar makes the price point a whole lot harder to swallow. Undoubtedly, the eeWings are not for everyone; they’re a […]

Cane Creek Helm Work Series 130 – First Impressions

MSRP: $899 Cane Creek’s new Helm Work Series 130mm (WS130) fork is built around the success of the original longer legged Helm offering a robust chassis with 35mm stanchions but explicitly optimized for 130mm of travel. With a hollow 44mm offset crown, new bolt-on D-loc axle and revised internals, the WS130 was able to […]

Feature: Ticks Suck!

Words: Gregory A. Cummins, D.O., M.S. American Board Internal Medicine Fellow Candidate (as of original writing), American Academy of Wilderness Medicine Illustrations: Andy Jones Note: This article originally appeared in Issue #155 (2011), but was one of our most popular stories and is still entirely relevant. Read, learn, then enjoy your rides! Ever notice that your biking […]

Industry Nine Hydra and 101 Series Hubsets

    No, it’s not a pet hamster. New for 2019, Industry Nine introduces Hydra, a project over two and a half years in the making. Since the success of the company’s lightning-quick 3-degree engagement Torch Series hub introduced in 2013, i9 continues to advance forward in re-defining what is capable.   Hydra offers a […]

Review: Specialized Enduro Coil 29

Editor’s note: This review originally appeared in issue 207 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at to catch issue 209, coming real soon.  Tester: A.J. Collins Age: 40 Height: 5’10” Weight: 165 lbs. Inseam: 31” Price: $5,800 Sizes: S, M, L (tested), XL Online: Reach: 18.2” Stack: 24.4” Top […]

Is it the bike? Is it the rider? Or is it the tire?

I’m not a huge race nerd. I’ll just put that out there immediately. It’s cool and all, and going fast is really fun, but I’d much rather be out riding myself than sitting home watching others have all the fun, and I just can’t bring myself to do the things—  train, practice, analyze my wattage, […]

Review: Santa Cruz 5010 X01

Editor’s note: This review originally appeared in issue 206 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at to catch issue 208, coming real soon.  Name: Eric McKeegan Age: 44 Weight: 165 lbs. Height: 5’ 11” Inseam: 32” Price: $6,799, $7,999 with carbon wheels Sizes: XS, S, M, L, (tested) XL Online: […]

Review: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Carbon 70

Editor’s note: This review was originally published in issue 206 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Want to see more? Subscribe today at to catch issue 208, coming soon! Price: $5,999 Sizes: XS, S, M, L (tested), XL Online: Tester: Brett Rothmeyer Age: 40 Weight: 165 lbs. Height: 6’1” Inseam: 32” Reach: 17.9” Stack: 24.0” Top […]

What bars? Ask

Whether you are a mechanic at a shop trying to find the best bars for your customer’s custom build, or a daydreamer wistfully putting together a vision board of your dream bike, the options for some components can be staggering. Some componentry comes with built-in parameters such as size, measurements, and budget. In this era of […]

Trek releases upgrades to entry-level Marlin and Marlin WSD lines

Trek has released their updated Marlin, their entry level bikes that come in both “standard” and as a “women specific design” (WSD). Between the two model lines, not much is different. The smallest sizes (13.5″ and 15.5″) of the WSD models have a more sloped top tube for standover clearance compared to the slight slope […]

First Rides – XTR M9100 12-speed

A few weeks back, Shimano took me (and other media) to the mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado for a few days of high-altitude riding on the newly-released, 12-speed XTR M9100. Unlike the previous two generations, this newest version of XTR looks and feels like a true redesign rather than a few small updatess. Shimano […]

Review: Shimano AM7 MTB shoe

Shimano’s component arm moves slowly with new product development, but when it comes to its shoes, Shimano clips along at a pretty fast rate. The new AM7 is Shimano’s newest clipless all-mountain/gravity shoe, also known as the SH-AM701. The old AM700 was a platform pedal shoe. The platform pedal version of this new shoe is […]

WTB Tire Launch at Silver Mountain Bike Park

Silver Mountain Resort, tucked away in North Idaho (or as we non-locals call it, the Idaho Panhandle), is WTB’s choice of dirt to unveil the company’s new aggressive trail tires. North Idaho doesn’t sound quite as odd once you figure in that Clayton Wangbichler, public relations and content editor for WTB calls the area home and […]

New Releases From Santa Cruz and Juliana

Perhaps you have heard rumblings around your local shops about what new Santa Cruz bikes were on their way. There had been rumors and guesses by many as to just what exactly was coming. Well, the day has come and both the Bronson and 5010 have gotten makeovers, as well have the Roubion and the Furtado from […]

e*thirteen unveils TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit

If you’ve been dragging your feet on upgrading your 11-speed SRAM drivetrain to 12-speed Eagle, or if you are really into cool projects, e*thirteen may have something for you. The new TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit is a possibly-simple way to upgrade your gearing without replacing your whole group. If you’re relatively handy, this can save […]

Plus Tires: Five Years In

Ed. Note: The full version of this piece appears in Dirt Rag 202. Grab your copy today to read the full story and much more.  In some ways, it seems that plus tires have always been with us. It was the summer of 2012 when Surly released the Krampus and the Instigator, the first production […]

Terrene releases new plus mountain tire

Terrene Tires, a new rider-owned company that launched last fall, just released their fifth tire model, the McFly. The McFly is a versatile all terrain tire with a 2.8 width platform. Continuing with its goal of bringing to market a complete line of bike tires, Terrene is expanding on its current lineup of mountain, gravel […]

Review: Yeti SB4.5c

Words and photos by Zach White Age:42 x Height: 6’2″ x Weight: 200 lbs. x Inseam: 32” “Hey man, sweet bike!” As a bike whore, er, “product reviewer,” I get an interesting perspective on brands and their reputation. There are times when I’ll ride a completely dialed and worthy bike for months on trails shotgunned […]

The Wheel (R)evolution: One mountain biker’s journey across wheel sizes

Words and photos by Jeffrey Stern Hoo-Koo-E-Koo. The first time I read that Miwok Indian named fire road on my Tamalpais trails map I fell in love. With the letters, how they flowed like the purest of singletrack sections into one beautiful word – and a beautiful trail at that. Cutting across the mid-section of […]

Video: 10 Essential Tips for Bike Maintenance

It’s spring! Maybe you’re getting back out there after being on the trainer all winter, or maybe you’re pulling the bike out of the shed after a period of dormancy. Maybe you’ve been riding all winter long and your bike has collected salt and grit from sloppy, slushy roads and trails. Whatever your situation is, […]

Specialty Files: Industry 9 Shop Tour

Words and photos by Jeff Archer Industry 9 has a place in the history of cycling because of the wheels and hubs it has produced for the past decade, but it goes deeper than that through its parent company, Turnamics Inc. in Asheville, North Carolina. Turnamics produced some of the parts for the original RockShox […]

Review: Scott Big Jon Fat Bike

Words and photos by Zach White It seemed fitting to have a budget-oriented fat bike show up at the doorstep the day after getting back from riding a handful of various all-carbon, high-end fat bikes in Crested Butte during Fat Bike World Championships. Pedaling $5000+ fat bikes around in big, mellow, snowy loops at a […]

Salsa Cycles Introduces Deadwood SUS

A couple years ago, Salsa introduced the Deadwood, a steel 29plus drop bar touring bike. It was produced in limited numbers, we heard about it for a little while, and then it disappeared. Now, it looks like Deadwood is back, but in a much different form. The drop bars are gone, steel has been replaced […]

Pivot Cycles Introduces Phoenix Component System

The collection includes a new Phoenix Team Carbon Handlebar, Phoenix Team Enduro/Trail Stem, Phoenix Team XC/Trail Stem, Phoenix Team PadLoc Grips, and a Phoenix Team Carbon Seatpost. The system is meant to augment the company’s industry-leading standard of frame stiffness and ride quality, and allow riders to further upgrade their cycling experience by eliminating the problems […]

Video: Old Skool x New Skool with Tom Ritchey

The Bicycle Academy is a frame-building school in Somerset, England. Recently, they have started a series of events called Old Skool x New Skool, a collaboration between frame-building veterans and a new wave of builders shaping the future of bicycle making. This video documents Tom Ritchey’s visit to the Academy in September 2016 to spend […]

How to rebuild a vintage Silca floor pump

Words and photos by Chris Klibowitz. While much of our society is focused on affordable—and unfortunately disposable—products, there are many within the cycling community still producing high-quality, heirloom pieces. It’s no surprise that the revitalized Silca—a brand rescued from Italy and relocated to Indiana—fits that bill, as most of us have one of their old […]

First Impression: Viral Skeptic

The new Viral Skeptic is not your ordinarily hardtail. And before you get huffy about that weird looking black box nestled in the bottom bracket junction, it’s not an electric motor but a 12-speed internal gearbox made by German company Pinion. The Taiwan-made frame is beautifully executed, with clean welds and a seat tube port […]

Up Close: Mathieu van der Poel’s Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross racing, with its drop bars, skinny tires and lycra-clad racers, might seem like a distant cousin to mountain biking, but the two disciplines have more in common than you might think. For example, have a look at some of this video of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup stop in Namur, Belgium this past weekend. […]

First Ride: 2017 Kona Operator

Photos by Caleb Smith and the author. Let me start this out with some honesty. The last time I was on a downhill hike was almost two years ago, and even then I was nursing a torn rotator cuff. While I’ve always enjoyed true DH riding, it doesn’t happen very often, so keep that in […]