Kona adds Canadian legend Miranda Miller to team

Miranda Miller will headline Kona’s Global Enduro program alongside Rhys Verner, Connor Fearon, Shelly Flood, and Hannah Bergemann. She’ll be racing the Process 153 CR DL 29 and the Operator CR for select downhill races. While her official joining of the team is breaking news, her relationship with Kona isn’t. Team Manager Mathieu Dupelle has been in her life […]

The New iSSi Thump Pedal

The latest pedal from iSSi is the new Thump, tough enough to tackle off-road terrain but with vinyl pins, they won’t tear your shins apart due to a pedal slip. Being offered in two sizes to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes, the Thump is also offered in a wide variety of colors to […]

The META TR 29 From Commencal

Introducing the latest in the Commencal line up; The META TR 29. Maintaining all 150mm of travel that is found throughout the META line, the new TR has some redesigned angles for tackling all of the terrain.  Enjoy Hugo Frixtalon proving just how capable the new META TR 29 is.

Zwift Partners With ABSA Cape Epic

Zwift, the multiplayer online training and racing platform, today announces a formal partnership with the Absa Cape Epic. As part of the partnership, Zwift will be hosting an eight-week Group Workout series commencing on January 21. The workout series has been designed by former World Cross Country MTB and four-time Absa Cape Epic Champion, Annika […]

QBP Announces 2019 Equity and Diversity Internship Program Application

QBP’s Equity and Diversity Internship is now accepting applications. Eligible applicants include students who are members of underrepresented communities and identities and/or students with a demonstrated commitment towards advancing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 2019 summer interns will jumpstart their career by working side-by-side with some of the most innovative people in the industry. […]

Jeff Lenosky Joins REEB Cycles

We are currently in the transfer window when it comes to bikes. While pro riders are lining up their sponsors for the coming season so our some notable brand ambassadors and sponsored athletes. One of the most notable this week is long time Giant rider Jeff Lenosky has joined the REEB Cycles team. Jeff  also […]

Maxxis Rekon Tire Review

Maxxis Rekon 3C/EXO/TR Tires $69 – $92 Earlier this year in issue # 203, I reviewed the dual-compound Maxxis Rekon 2.6 tires. There was a lot of potential for the tread design, but finding the desired air pressure was finicky and the tire was less than desirable when things became damp. Typically, the triple-compound […]

Mixtape Monday Vol. 9

It’s a new year and a brand new Mixtape Monday! To kick things off for 2019 we handed over control to the one and only Karl Rosengarth. Karl has been down with the Rag for almost a lifetime worth of muddy ruts and good times. Beyond helping us keep things tidy from an editorial standpoint […]

New Bikepacking Bags From Revelate Designs

Revelate Designs ended 2018 by releasing a few new bags geared towards the ultra-endurance off-road racers. Made from lighter materials than previous models but still tough enough to answer the demands of ultra-races, off-road weight weenies will no doubt curious about these new offerings from Revelate Designs. With the rise of ultra mountain bike events […]

The Wheel Mill presents: Ride Like a Girl

New year’s resolutions are fraught with peril. By design, they set us up for failure in their all-or-nothing approach to self-betterment. The new, hip thing to do is to “set intention.” If you identify as a girl, are at least eight years old, and intend to gain some bike skills in 2019, consider taking a […]

Win a Full Suspension Hawk Hill 3 from Marin

Spider Mountain Bike Park Opens January 18!

Just in time for when the bulk of the country is grasped tightly by the claws of winter, Spider Mountain will open its doors to be the first lift-served downhill mountain bike park in Texas and the first year-round mountain bike park with lift service in the United States. With a variety of trails for […]

Press Release: Fyxation Expands Fork Selection with Two More Adventure Forks

Fyxation has released two new editions to the Sparta fork line-up, opening the fork use up to a larger audience. First, is Sparta QR, which takes the original 11/8″ aluminum straight steerer carbon fiber fork and makes it compatible with 9mm QR hubs. The Sparta QR retails for $299.   Second is Sparta FCR, a full carbon version of the […]

Scott Recommends: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS

Editor’s note: As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is inundated with ads and marketing campaigns for every product imaginable, in companies’ hopes to capitalize on…well, capitalism, I guess. It can be hard to weed out what a publication is putting out there as an ad or as a genuine recommendation, so we at Dirt […]

Ella shreds: new video from Transition featuring Ella Skalwald in Vermont

Need some mid-week motivation? Check out this sick video of Elite DH racer Ella Skalwald riding her local trail network. Lucky for her, those trails happen to be the iconic Victory Hill Sector of the Victory Hill State Forest,  that has become an East Coast destination spot. Check out more photos here, courtesy Transition Bikes.

Carolyne recommends: Swift Industries Poloma Bag

Editor’s note: As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is inundated with ads and marketing campaigns for every product imaginable, in companies’ hopes to capitalize on…well, capitalism, I guess. It can be hard to weed out what a publication is putting out there as an ad or as a genuine recommendation, so we at Dirt […]

Karl recommends: Smith Guide’s Choice Bifocal

Editor’s note: As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is inundated with ads and marketing campaigns for every product imaginable, in companies’ hopes to capitalize on…well, capitalism, I guess. It can be hard to weed out what a publication is putting out there as an ad or as a genuine recommendation, so we at Dirt […]


Words & Photos by Josh Woodward Situated in a small suburban neighborhood, behind a high school in the heart of Silicon Valley’s sprawl of tech giants and venture capitalists, lies a patch of dirt so steep the property developer who bought it couldn’t get permission to build anything of value. So it sat. For years. […]

The New Santa Cruz V10 and Reserve DH Wheels

Time to get stoked for the next season of downhill. Santa Cruz has just released the latest version of their V10 model and the new Reserve wheels for DH.  The latest version was a project two years in the making, the newest V10 has arrived—but wait, there are two! As Santa Cruz developed the 29er race […]

Snow Bike Festival is back!

Carved into the back of the goalpost I tended on the homefield of my varsity field hockey team back in high school was a wise offering: “The only way to beat temptation is to yield to it.” This is what comes to mind when I look out my window to the gray, snowy Pittsburgh I […]

The Cannondale F-Si Hi MOD Gets a Retro Makeover

Are you one of those riders who talk about ‘Back in the day..”? Maybe you just remember simpler times before all the technology and gadgets. Man, it sure was sweet to just get out the trail and let it rip without even giving thought to headtube sizes or rebound speeds. The days when Tinker ruled the trail […]

Canyon Releases the New Neuron

Around the office we often discuss that the 130mm bike might be the perfect all-around set up. Enough suspension travel to get loose when the going gets rowdy but snappy enough to hang in the hammer rides. Canyon has officially updated the Neuron and looks like a stone cold killer. With clean good looking lines […]

Commerce time! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Round up Deals

Editor’s note: While today is traditionally both a day of giving thanks and a day of mourning, it has also become synonymous with savings as the more commercial holidays roll ever closer (I’m looking at you, St. Lucia Day). With that, we’ve reached out to a few (OK, a lot) of our partners, favorite brands, […]

The New J. Laverack GRiT

It’s winter for a lot of us living in the Northern Hemisphere which means shorter and wetter days. While we are mountain bikers it doesn’t mean we shackle ourselves to flatbars and 2.4 wide tires exclusively. When the trails are slop heading out to explore the back roads and paths can turn a bad day into […]

The New Pivot LES Fat

Pivot has revamped their version of a fat bike. The new Pivot LES bumps up the tire size to a 27.5 X 3.8.  Along with the Manitou Masatdon fork Pivot looks to take the fat bike to the next level. From all-day adventures to bikepacking expeditions the new LES Fat seems fit to handle anything that you can […]

What To Do At Red Bull Rampage When Not Rampaging

Words by William Kirk Photos by Josh Pekich   Red Bull Rampage is the ultimate spectacle in mountain biking. Large enough that big wave surfers and mega ramp athletes alike bow down to the athlete’s display of courage in the desert of Utah each October. That said, it is very much a spectator sport; very […]

Hark! 208 is on it’s way! Sound the trumpets!

Issue 208 – Making do with what we got This is the final issue of 2018, so don’t miss out, there is a bit of a wait between now and the first of 2019. Inside you’ll find some good stuff. The inaugural Dirt Rag Asinine Triathlon. Bike. Boat. Cook. Imagine mountain biking meets D.I.Y. boat […]

Shred the vote!

Hey there, Dirt Rag Nation! If you’re a United States citizen and have the ability to vote, today is a great day. It’s like the public policy version of choosing teams in gym class, but way less embarrassing and way more important. This is the time when we choose the people to play on our […]

Work Day With Trail Pittsburgh

A good portion of my riding friends grew up on BMX bikes. Beyond making them all exceptionally better riders than me, it left them with tales from the trail. While most kids started at their local racetrack a lot moved on to building their own BMX trails and jumps away from the screaming parents and […]

Kona Wozo: Cold Smoke

Ahh, November. Depending on where you live, you may still have hard-packed— dare I say “dusty”— trails, or you may already be frolicking in a winter wonderland. Here in the mid-Atlantic, we are sludging through the awkward adolescent season of late autumn, where the trails are slick with wet leaves, roots, and rocks, and for […]