Just Riding Along

Passing Through: Buena Vista, Colorado

Last month, we headed over to Buena Vista to check out a new Maverick just released by Juliana. While we had plenty to say about the bike and how dreamy it was to ride out there, the town of Buena Vista was newsworthy unto itself. It’s a bit of a haul from the Denver airport […]

A Tale of Two Bicis, Part Deux

Editor’s note: A Tale of Two Bicis (part one) was published in the current issue of Dirt Rag Magazine, #211. Like what you see? To keep up with our print content, be sure to subscribe today so you don’t miss an issue. Can a sudden injection of modern bike technology make you a better rider? […]

In Print: Bike-Park Generation

By Brett Rothmeyer The sun is just cracking over the Uintas in Park City, Utah. Main Street is starting to chatter as the doors to cafés open; the wisp of a broom on the sidewalk is overtaken only by the occasional slow-moving vehicle headed up the hill. I had long daydreamed about riding Park City […]

Photo Epic – A Chilcotin Hogyssey: Kenny Smith, Margus Riga, Fraser Newton, Chester Bush.

A couple weeks back, we posted a teaser timelapse video of A Chilcotin Hogyssey. Here is the full report, below, care of Devinci. 4 guys, 4 bikes, 9 days, 225 km The ultimate Canadian mountain bike adventure; Presented by Cycles Devinci Words by Chester Bush and photography by Margus Riga Chapter One: Waving Good-Bye Chasing […]

Video: Bikepacking the Colorado Trail and Fly-Fishing Salida

Dirt Rag contributor Zach White spent three days with Eric Porter riding their Diamondback Haanjo gravel bikes on a big loop starting and finishing in Salida Colorado on pavement, gravel and singletrack. They rode sections of the Continental Divide Trail and Colorado Trail, through a ghost town, and finished by floating the Arkansas River back […]

Video: A Chilcoltin Hogyssey with Kenny Smith

“It was day four. We arrived at a massive alpine valley lined with creeks and marshes, certain to be filled with mosquitos and shoe-soaking water crossings. Margus led the way, monster trucking through the creeks. We hoped that after the crossing, a ridge would connect us to the top of another mountain; from there, we […]

Trail Report: Spider Mountain

In a recent issue of Dirt Rag, we went to some bike parks to check out what new developments are happening in the world of designated bike trails and downhill riding. Windrock in January scared the goggles off me, but I took another stab at downhill bike parks when I visited Spider Mountain outside Austin, […]

In print: Fire Mountain

Editor’s Note: This story first appeared in issue 207 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now to catch issue 211, on its way to mailboxes real soon. Downhill mountain biking on the flanks of Indonesia’s most active volcano Words and photos by Ian Lloyd Neubauer For the past 20 years, I’ve made […]

Rattling the Stoke Bone — Getting Skilled at Ninja Mountain Bike Performance

We all have our strengths and weaknesses as riders. The longer we ride, the more those are reinforced. Especially riding with a group, where we tend to pay more attention to keeping up with the pack than making micro-adjustments to our weight distribution or foot angle. Even riding alone, sometimes it feels like we’re doing […]

In Print: Making Do on the Colorado Trail

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in issue 208 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at dirtragmag.com/subscribe to catch issue 211, coming real soon.  by Carolyne Whelan When Rim Tours invited me along for their Colorado Trail guided trip, I was warned that it was “advanced,” due largely to exposure and […]

Sea Otter group sesh: Ride to live, Liv to ride

The current issue of Dirt Rag, #210, contains my review of the Liv Intrigue Advanced 1, a mountain bike I quickly fell in love with for how it seemed to disappear under me. When I saw Liv was hosting a group ride, I was excited to join on: bikes, women and sunshine? Literally sign me […]

In Print: Eat Me 209 — Hippie Speedball

Editor’s note: OK, so a couple of things. First, this article originally appeared in issue 209 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at dirtragmag.com/subscribe to catch issue 211, coming soon. Second, quite a few folks took issue with this story running in our print magazine. I wrote a response in issue […]

Down the Bitterroot Mountains

Words and Photos by Kristin Winet The front entrance to the welcome center is not entirely legible, because years of snow and harsh Idaho winters have rubbed the black paint into a faint gray. The tip-off that we’ve made it here is the parking lot, which is full of cars and trucks and tourists, many—but not […]

Video: Iceland Divide

We’ll just put it out there: Iceland is really affordable to fly to from the United States at the moment, especially from the East Coast. Maybe it’s time to abandon the idea of a warm getaway and go headfirst into the wintry wonderland. Though, we gotta say, from the looks of this video, it looks like […]

Mountain bike the Catalonian Pyrenees

As we enter into the soggy months of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s riding seasons, it’s time to daydream about where to spend the cold and rainy months. This video of the Catalonian Pyrenees is getting my blood pumping for some European terrain. Check it out for yourself! Where do your daydreams take you, what are your vacation dream […]

Making do on the Green Mountain Gravel Growler route

Editor’s note: In excitement for our upcoming issue on Making Do, in your mailboxes and select storefronts soon, here is a story from contributing writer Bryan Chambala on his quest to finish the Green Mountain Gravel Growler. For more stories like this, subscribe now to Dirt Rag by clicking this link, to ensure speedy delivery […]

Passing Through, Newark, DE

Editor’s note: This story originally ran in issue 206 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Issue 207 is out now on newsstands. Click here to subscribe today to ensure you never miss a story.   Located just a mile southeast of the tripoint where Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania meet, Newark may be the […]

Small town vibes, top notch rides: Del Norte is Colorado’s semi-secret gem

By Emma Walker If you’re coming from the Front Range, Del Norte is on the way to big-name destinations—Wolf Creek, Pagosa Springs, Durango—but blink, and you might miss it. It was hard to believe, as I circled my truck around the block to pull in at the historic Windsor Hotel, that this was the place […]

Feature: Bones of Oaxaca

Words and photos: James Murren Originally published in Issue #191 Shakedown in the Storm The evening light wanes, but we ride on into it. Carlos’ German shepherds weave and dart between our bikes, never dragging tail. I am on a shake-down ride in preparation for the big one coming up two days from now. Singletrack […]

Feature: No Sleep Till Denver

Words and photos: Montana Miller Originally published in Issue #191 My back just went numb, right between the shoulder blades. Which actually feels a lot better than the shooting pain I had a few minutes ago. I hike slowly next to my bike; hopefully I can make the top of this pass before sunset. I’m […]

Feature: Maryland, An Old-Line State of Mind

Words: Brice Shirbach Photos: Abram Eric Landes Originally published in Issue #189 Growing up, I’d often sit and stare at it. My obsession began the moment my family moved to Emmitsburg, Maryland. I was 7 years old and we piled into a single-story rancher a mile and a half down the road from town square. […]

Beyond the Bike Park: Winter Park, Colorado

Words and photos: Zach White Originally published in Issue #190 When I was a kid, my great-grandmother’s humble backyard was my favorite place in the world. It couldn’t have been more than 1,000 square feet, yet within that confinement was a separate little area behind the broadside of a detached garage with a massive wall […]

The Roam Rydes Podcast

“Nobody reads anymore” goes the saying. Maybe that’s why podcasts are on the rise: one-third of Americans listened to one last year (according to the Pew Research Center). But search for cycling podcasts and you won’t find more than a handful. One of them is Roam Rydes—a women’s cycling podcast created and produced by Ash […]

Rad Rider Rigs: Henry Tan Van

There are people who love mountain biking, and there are those who love it so much they dedicate a vehicle to mountain biking. Chris and Leslie Kehmeier are two of those people, and Henry Tan Van is one such vehicle. The Kehmeiers live in Golden, Colorado, and have each worked at IMBA for over six years. […]

The Ultimate Ride to the Ride Part 7: Southern Illinois

Catch up: This is a cross-country bike tour with a twist: Chris Reichel pedaled a road bike towing a mountain bike from Colorado to North Carolina and hit all the best trails along the way. If you missed earlier installments of the Ultimate Ride to the Ride, see them here. By Chris Reichel I know that there […]

Essay: Trucks and bikes – dreams of the off-road

I finally got myself a truck. I didn’t really “need” a truck, nor does its lightweight rear end make it the most practical vehicle in snowy Colorado (doth protest my loved ones), but hauling things like fatbikes and riding gear and sometimes camping stuff and often the dog in a cramped, low-riding hatchback had proved time […]

SRAM Stories: One of many – Colorado trail reunion

Words: Mary Dishman Photos: Adrian Marcoux Trails are the basis of everything in mountain biking. They’re the arteries that flow life into every ride. They’re the blank canvas, the empty sheet. They’re the beginning, middle and end of every mountain bike story. Whether beaten into submission by machines, carefully sculpted with blistered hands and simple […]

Home again: A south Texas microadventure

With apologies to Bill Bryson.  I come from San Antonio. Somebody had to. There are generally two types of people born in San Antonio: those who can’t imagine leaving, and those who can’t wait to. Raised by two Midwesterners who often seem bewildered as to how they ended up as residents of the Lone Star State in […]

Video: Hans and Peaty traverse Iceland

Mountain Bike legends Hans Rey and Steve Peat completed an epic Iceland Traverse in August 2015. They were joined by local rider Runar Omarsson and the folks from Icebike Adventures as they crossed the country from north to south. The video provides a sample of the entire country and the phenomenal mountain biking available to […]

Bell Helmets working to get more women into mountain biking

PRESS RELEASE — Bell Helmets today announced an important extension to its new Joy Ride women’s program – the launch of six Joy Ride grassroots program cities, each with a dedicated female mountain bike ambassador. These ambassadors will help inspire and enable female mountain bikers with regular, structured, fun and social rides that appeal to all levels of riders where they […]