Commerce time! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Round up Deals

Editor’s note: While today is traditionally both a day of giving thanks and a day of mourning, it has also become synonymous with savings as the more commercial holidays roll ever closer (I’m looking at you, St. Lucia Day). With that, we’ve reached out to a few (OK, a lot) of our partners, favorite brands, […]

Is it the bike? Is it the rider? Or is it the tire?

I’m not a huge race nerd. I’ll just put that out there immediately. It’s cool and all, and going fast is really fun, but I’d much rather be out riding myself than sitting home watching others have all the fun, and I just can’t bring myself to do the things—  train, practice, analyze my wattage, […]

Review: Diamond Brand Gear Belay Bag

While innovation comes from around the world, it’s always great to see products made in the USA. The Belay Bag from Diamond Brand Gear, made in the Carolina Mountains and located in North Carolina, haven’t quite reinvented the backpack but it’s about as close as I’ve seen to a complete design rehaul. The tops of […]

Kona Wozo: Cold Smoke

Ahh, November. Depending on where you live, you may still have hard-packed— dare I say “dusty”— trails, or you may already be frolicking in a winter wonderland. Here in the mid-Atlantic, we are sludging through the awkward adolescent season of late autumn, where the trails are slick with wet leaves, roots, and rocks, and for […]

Philly Bike Expo 2018

OK, so now that I’ve gotten the Pittsburgh tragedy out in the open, let’s move on to the PHILLY BIKE EXPO! Maurice (Dirt Rag’s publisher and mastermind) and I drove into Philly with a few bikes in tow, plus some old copies of Dirt Rag to hand out, socks, pint glasses, hats, t-shirts, frame bags […]

Road Runner Bags Large Point ‘N’ Shooter

If you are anything like me then you have likely tried every configuration for toting your camera along with you on rides. Slings, backpacks, handlebar bags, jersey pockets, I have tried them all. When Road Runner Bags approached us about trying out some of their offerings I jumped at the chance to throw the large […]

Review: Santa Cruz 5010 X01

Editor’s note: This review originally appeared in issue 206 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at to catch issue 208, coming real soon.  Name: Eric McKeegan Age: 44 Weight: 165 lbs. Height: 5’ 11” Inseam: 32” Price: $6,799, $7,999 with carbon wheels Sizes: XS, S, M, L, (tested) XL Online: […]

Ruffwear new and updated 2018 dog winter apparel and gear

Our dogs are more than our best friend— they are our riding and adventure partners throughout the seasons, including winter. Ruffwear has been designing adventure dog apparel and dog gear since 1994. Check out some of Ruffwear’s new and updated gear and apparel for the upcoming winter season. The Vert Jacket is a new product […]

Hydro Flask: A look inside the insulated bottle company office and brand

Walking into the Hydro Flask office there are a few boxes lying about and a large amount of empty space seen throughout the building. It’s not just the open office environment that is creating this open feeling in the office, it’s that Hydro Flask moved into this new office just two years ago and it’s […]

Review: Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Carbon 70

Editor’s note: This review was originally published in issue 206 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Want to see more? Subscribe today at to catch issue 208, coming soon! Price: $5,999 Sizes: XS, S, M, L (tested), XL Online: Tester: Brett Rothmeyer Age: 40 Weight: 165 lbs. Height: 6’1” Inseam: 32” Reach: 17.9” Stack: 24.0” Top […]

What bars? Ask

Whether you are a mechanic at a shop trying to find the best bars for your customer’s custom build, or a daydreamer wistfully putting together a vision board of your dream bike, the options for some components can be staggering. Some componentry comes with built-in parameters such as size, measurements, and budget. In this era of […]

Ibis launches new DV9 carbon hardtail

On Monday, Ibis launched its newest carbon hardtail, the DV9. Inspired by Lili Heim, the varsity XC racing high school daughter of Ibis co-owner and CEO Hans Heim, this bike is designed to be fun, fast, and affordable. With 67.4° travel on a 120mm fork (68.5° on a 100mm fork), the geometry is slacker than […]

Review: Copenhagen Wheel

Superpedestrian came out with the Copenhagen Wheel a few years ago and has continued to maintain and grow their wheel technology. The Copenhagen Wheel is an electric assist wheel that turns an acoustic bike into an electric bike. There is no throttle. The wheel feels the force of pedaling and kicks in based on the […]

Even more sweet finds at Interbike, Pt. 3 – Dakine, Rivendell and Green Guru product

Dakine has a sick new gravity line called Thrillium, with their partnership with Graham Agissiz and Team Aggy, bringing a very specific “wolf” vibe, which I am not opposed to, into both their men’s and women’s cuts. They have new knee pads and gloves, and their baggies have been redesigned to offer a ton of […]

Some more cool stuff from Interbike! Pt. 2 – Wahoo Fitness, G-Form, and Osprey

Wahoo Fitness has a new product called the Kickr Headwind, which gives you a headwind (duh) while riding your bike. You can either use this to keep you cool while riding indoors on those rainy, wintry days, or charge through 30mph winds in penance for whatever terrible thing you’ve done (like choose to ride indoors). […]

Endura Updates the MT500 Line

Endura adds some updates to its award-winning MT500 line. Watch the video with Dan Atherton and check out the goods.   [wonderplugin_gallery id=”86″]

45Nrth announces new line for 2019

If you live in a place that experiences cold, and especially if that cold is also wet, then you probably know about 45NRTH. They are at the front of the pack when it comes to keeping our toes from falling off, making fully waterproof, insulated cycling boots and shoes for mountain biking and commuting in […]

Review: Big Agnes’s new Fly Creek UL2 Bike Pack tent

By Zach White MSRP $380($360 for the 1-person version) Weight 1195grams/2.6lbs(actual) Available January 2019 Big Agnes is now offering updated versions of their Fly Creek UL2, including a new Bike Pack model. The biggest new feature that justifies the name designation is that the tent’s poles break down to 12-inches in length, which was primarily […]

Review: new Showers Pass clothes to keep you cool, dry, and slightly less stinky

This summer, just about any minute not spent writing has been spent pedaling and camping. From Pennsylvania to West Virginia, Vermont, and Colorado, I’ve relied on a small selection of clothes to keep me comfortable in and out of the saddle. I chose to bring a short-sleeve Shower’s Pass Hi-Line wool jersey, a long-sleeve Shower’s […]

Review: Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed and Backcountry Bivy

This summer, I had the luxury of traveling quite a bit for work and spending most nights sleeping outside, staring lovingly at my bicycle shining under the moonlight in five states. For shelter, I brought a Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy and Backcountry Bed 700/35 degree. In Colorado, I was on a guided tour that provided […]

Niner Bikes delivers with the new flat bar RLT 9 Apex

Most long-time bike nerds have that bike. The Frankenstein Monster, built up maybe over a long time or maybe just put together in one frustrated afternoon, to hopefully satisfy that need. The road bike is too aero but the mountain bike is too slow. There has to be a bike that can get to work […]

Fox Live Valve – Smarter shocks for a better future?

Effectively an open secret for at least a year, Fox is finally taking the lid off its new computer-controlled shock valving.  Fox describes Live Valve as a “fast-acting automated electronic suspension system”. This system is made up of tiny motors to control the valving, accelerometers on the front and rear wheels, a control unit (CPU), a […]

Review: Bontrager XR2 Team Issue Tires

Tire selection is a very personal choice. Bontrager understands that.  The company’s website says, “The first step in finding the right tire is deciding how much tread you need.” That’s solid advice. I find that few components choices are more personal than tires. Bontrager classifies its tires on a 0 to 5 scale (plus a […]

Review: Burley Coho XC Trailer

Burley Coho XC Trailer By Stephen Haynes Weight: 22 lbs. MSRP: $419 Online: Back in 1978, there weren’t the myriad options for stowing and towing your cargo by bike that we luxuriate in today. Burley founders Alan and Beverly Scholz took it upon themselves to develop a method for transporting goods, gear and their […]

Trek releases upgrades to entry-level Marlin and Marlin WSD lines

Trek has released their updated Marlin, their entry level bikes that come in both “standard” and as a “women specific design” (WSD). Between the two model lines, not much is different. The smallest sizes (13.5″ and 15.5″) of the WSD models have a more sloped top tube for standover clearance compared to the slight slope […]

First Rides – XTR M9100 12-speed

A few weeks back, Shimano took me (and other media) to the mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado for a few days of high-altitude riding on the newly-released, 12-speed XTR M9100. Unlike the previous two generations, this newest version of XTR looks and feels like a true redesign rather than a few small updatess. Shimano […]

Liv Cycling announces new Intrigue series

Woman-specific designs have long had a bad rap as being shrinked-and-pinked or more commonly, shrinked-and-stinked—charging the same amount of money for a bike with lesser quality components. Many women had different body geometries than most men, with a lower center of gravity, narrower shoulders, and a different transference of power based on our builds. Buying […]

Review: Flylow Spring MTB Gear

Testers: Scott Williams and Jess Nelson Flylow Gear The millennial tuxedo. Athleisure. A decision to seek attire that can keep up with the on-the-go active lifestyle. Whatever you call it, casual athletic wear is here to stay and more companies such as Flylow are looking to jump on board. Since the company’s initial debut […]

Review: Roadrunner Bags Americano

Roadrunner Bags Americano – $380 by Stephen Haynes In the last year or so I’ve taken to painting outside. As my interest in the activity has grown, so too has my list of supplies that I carry with me into the field. To that end, I’ve been looking for a bag that would remain unphased […]

Review: Search and State S2-R Performance Bib Shorts

Reviewer: Brett Rothmeyer Search and State S2-R Performance Bib Shorts: $215 When it comes to cycling clothing, there is nothing more important than a solid pair of bib shorts while tackling long days in the saddle. Multiple days of grueling riding are hard enough without having to worry about comfort and the wear and tear […]