East Coast Tour

There was once a time when Maurice would back the van up to the garage, load it up with bikes, gear, and elixir, and head for the open highways in search of trails and camaraderie amongst the tribes of dirt worshippers littered around the country. The crew often would leave no trail system unridden nor […]

Pulled up by their toestraps: Katahdin Gear Library revives a small town

By Bryan Chambala   In 2017, there was no bike shop in Millinocket, Maine, but there was a librarian with a Karate Monkey frame in his garage and a bunch of parts that didn’t fit. “I had a garage full of road bikes that I had assembled over the years, but I was having a […]

Beyond the Snow: Best Ski Resorts For Mountain Biking Bliss

Editor’s note: The next issue of Dirt Rag is all about ~The Future~ (said with a booming echo). Our Gear focus for the issue is on bike park gear, and the two fit rim-and-tire because bike parks and resorts are becoming more a part of the everyday mountain biker’s experience every year, with more parks […]

Pilot Cove

Tucked away on the edge of the Pisgah National Forest, Pilot Cove is a relatively new option for lodging in Brevard, NC. Offering luxury cabins in a prime location, we were more than excited to go down and check out what Pilot Cove was all about. First and foremost what is automatically appealing as a […]

Frost Bike Part 1: Fat Bikes with Salsa

I love winter. I know this goes against our basic feelings as mountain bikers, but it’s true. I love winter, but I should clarify, I love ‘real’ winter. The snowstorms followed by blue skies and crisp air can be and are just as magical as those long summer days. Winter’s here in Pittsburgh however can […]

Winter Solstice Double Down

Words and Photos by David Wilcox The winter solstice marks the onset of winter, and the shortest day of the year, usually falling on December 22 in the northern hemisphere. Short, dark days that are often cold, wet, and coincide with the hustle and stress of the holidays make getting out for any kind of […]

Winter Layers With Kitsbow

Depending on where you live the winter months can be challenging to stay out on the trail as much as you would like to. Whether it’s wet and muddy trails or they are buried under two feet of snow, our time on the bike is limited to the few days where conditions are favorable. When […]

Fox 36 Factory FIT GRIP2

Fox 36 Float Factory GRIP2 – $1,065 By Eric McKeegan This review is about this bright orange 2019 Fox 36 fork shown above. But in reality, this review is really about the new GRIP2 damper that replaces the RC2 damper in the all-mountain 36 and downhill 40 forks. This damper is an example of trickle-up […]

The Bike Farm

Editors note: This story originally appeared in issue #206. If you like what you see here help keep print media alive by becoming a subscriber! By Stephen Haynes What makes a place special? Is it something intrinsic or experiential? Does a special place need lots of, or very few, things to do? Perhaps it’s the […]

Underground Bike Works Revival 27.5 Plus

Editors note: This review originally appeared in Issue #206.  Tester: Stephen Haynes Age: 40 Height: 6’0” Weight: 210 lbs. Inseam: 30 in. Price: $6,950 Sizes: S, M, L (tested), XL Online: undergroundbikeworks.com Reach: 17.5” Stack: 24.2” Top Tube: 25.2” Head Tube: 67.5° Seat Tube: 72.5° BB Height: 12” Chainstays: 17.1” Weight: 24lbs. w/o pedals, specs […]

In Print: MTB on LSD

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in issue 207 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Subscribe now at dirtragmag.com/subscribe to catch issue 209, coming real soon.  Can a miniscule dose of LSD make you a better mountain biker? There’s only one way to find out. By Adam Hurlburt WARNING: This story begins with […]

QBP Announces 2019 Equity and Diversity Internship Program Application

QBP’s Equity and Diversity Internship is now accepting applications. Eligible applicants include students who are members of underrepresented communities and identities and/or students with a demonstrated commitment towards advancing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 2019 summer interns will jumpstart their career by working side-by-side with some of the most innovative people in the industry. […]

Trail Report: Patapsco Valley State Park

The human brain may never be fully understood. While scientist race to develop artificial intelligence based around the workings of the human mind, others are trying to comprehend its full potential. Amongst its many functions, how we remember things may be one of the brains most essential yet unreliable functions. When recounting the tales of […]

Trail Report: Alafia River State Park

If I have learned any life lessons from visiting Florida over the last few years, it is that prejudgment is a terrible character flaw to have. Sure, Florida feels like a never-ending conveyer belt of strip malls and drivers that don’t understand the rules of the left lane. There is virtually no public land that […]

The Hogwarts of High School Mountain Biking

Editors note: Originally this story was a feature in Issue #205. If you enjoy stories like these consider supporting Dirt Rag Magazine by becoming a subscriber here. Keep an eye out for more on the future  of  mountain biking in the coming months Story by  Eric J. Wallace It’s a cold morning in mid-March and the […]

Andy’s Handmade Single Speed

We were all sitting around the kitchen table at the Dirt Rag office as we do during our weekly meeting discussing the finer points of handmade bicycles. In particularly we were discussing a current test bike in the form of the Oddity Punk Rock Jazz, a piece of art more than a bike, but it also […]

Off the Trail: 2018 Cyclocross National Championship

Allow me to begin with saying that yes, cyclocross is not mountain biking and I won’t in any way try to convince you otherwise. Look I get it, a bunch of fitness obsessed spandex clad gladiators trying to best each other in a muddy field is not your idea of a good time. There’s no […]

Pivot Cycles is Presenting Sponsor of Dirt Rag Dirt Fest 2019

Pittsburgh, PA — December 1, 2018 Rotating Mass Media is proud to announce that Pivot Cycles will once again be joining us as title sponsor of both Dirt Rag Dirt Fest Pennsylvania and West Virginia in 2019. Dirt Fest will return to the Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania for its tenth year, and after […]

Radical Maneuvers: Miki Vuckovich

Words and photos by Brett Rothmeyer The following article was featured in Issue 206. It was truly an honor to hang out with Miki and to be invited into his home. The work he did at his time with Transworld Skateboarding during the late 80’s and through the 90’s greatly influenced how I looked at the […]

Off The Trail: The 2018 Dirty Dozen.

Words and Photos by Brett Rothmeyer (While I set out to cover as much of the day’s events as possible, I was also tagging along with a friend who was carrying some spare wheels and warm clothes for people in the front of the race. Traditionally the women racing for the overall have raced in […]

Jeff Kendall-Weed Shredding With The Arkansas Riding Community

We are super stoked to share a new video from Jeff Kendall-Weed and Co. Join Jeff and the Arkansas riding community as they showcase the riding in their home state and learn why it is one of the fastest growing mountain bike destinations in the country.  Words by Jeff Kendall-Weed Photos by Denis Kremenetskiy I’ve […]

Be Kind, Rewind: IRD Stroker

Be Kind, Rewind has become a regular addition to the magazine. A way for us to look back at the machines of yesterday and to see how far we have come in mountain bike design. It is also a way for us to appreciate some the simplicity and beauty of some of these early trail bikes. […]

Transition Throttle Review

Editors note: From the pages of issue 203 we take a look at the Transition Throttle. Review bikes our like our children and we try not to pick favorites but everyone on staff who saddled up on the Throttle had the same response ‘Dang this thing is fun!’  If you enjoy this review and others […]

What To Do At Red Bull Rampage When Not Rampaging

Words by William Kirk Photos by Josh Pekich   Red Bull Rampage is the ultimate spectacle in mountain biking. Large enough that big wave surfers and mega ramp athletes alike bow down to the athlete’s display of courage in the desert of Utah each October. That said, it is very much a spectator sport; very […]

In print: Carbon Bike Repair

Editor’s note: Dirt Rag #206 was our DIY issue, where we built a bamboo bike, a steel frame, and fixed a carbon bike. This is the carbon edition, written by Scott, our Operations Manager. Like what you see? Subscribe now to catch all of 2019 and follow along on all our hijinx. Dirt Rag #208 […]

Making do on the Green Mountain Gravel Growler route

Editor’s note: In excitement for our upcoming issue on Making Do, in your mailboxes and select storefronts soon, here is a story from contributing writer Bryan Chambala on his quest to finish the Green Mountain Gravel Growler. For more stories like this, subscribe now to Dirt Rag by clicking this link, to ensure speedy delivery […]

All Of The Trails With Brittany Konsella

Photography provided by Meyvn Creative On September 15th, Brittany Konsella became the first person to ride all 750 miles of unique trail in the Gunnison Crested Butte area. To cover every unique mile, some rides required revisiting areas she had already ridden and many included a dirt road approach. In all, it took about 3,600 miles and […]

Passing Through, Newark, DE

Editor’s note: This story originally ran in issue 206 of Dirt Rag Magazine. Like what you see? Issue 207 is out now on newsstands. Click here to subscribe today to ensure you never miss a story.   Located just a mile southeast of the tripoint where Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania meet, Newark may be the […]

A Taste of the Wasatch

It was still dark; I sat on a slab of granite staring down at the lakes below descending like giant glistening stairs. The mosquitos were already hard at work trying to get to my blood through two layers of clothing as I looked over my shoulder to see the headlamps of my travel partners disappearing […]

Mountain Biking Denmark

Editor’s note: Our latest print issue of Dirt Rag Magazine, The Road Trip Issue, just dropped in the mailboxes for subscribers and newsstands. Here’s an awesome write-up of mountain biking in Denmark to accompany the print issue. Interested in subscribing? Click here! By Shawna Kenney pamphlet translated by Shawna Kenney with help from Anja Klemp […]