Cane Creek releases 29/27.5+ version of HELM

Last March, Cane Creek launched its first ever fork, the HELM. However, designed only for 27.5 inch wheels, it left out a lot of people in the 29er and 27plus crowd. If you’re one of those who has been eying up this offering from Cane Creek wishing it would work on your bike, wish no more. With the resurgence of 29 inch wheels and continued popularity of plus, it only makes sense that the HELM 29/27.5+ is here.

The HELM 29/27.5+ is available in both air and coil sprung versions with up to 160mm of travel–the coil version being easily adjustable from 130mm to 160mm and the air version from 100mm to 160mm. Both versions come in a gunmetal grey colorway with gunmetal, black and gold graphics.

“Over the last year we’ve heard loud and clear that riders on 29er and 27.5+ bikes want the opportunity to ride a HELM,” said Sam Anderson, product manager for Cane Creek. “More aggressive, big-wheel bikes are hitting the market every day and, with this fork, riders on those bikes will have the option for a 29/27.5+ fork that offers superb off-the-top compliance combined with the unmatched mid-stroke support and control that riders have raved about with the HELM 27.5.”

The HELM 29/27.5+ maintains all of the same functional characteristics of the original 27.5 fork–including a closed cartridge monotube damper, seven-way adjustability and rider adjustable travel–with the addition of a 51mm offset and dimensionally adjusted lowers to accommodate the larger wheel and tire size.

The HELM 29/27.5+ will retail for $1100 in both air and coil sprung versions–the same price as their 27.5 counterparts–and is available for purchase beginning in April through Cane Creek retailers and distributors as well as factory direct at


Damper: Closed-cartridge monotube damper
Spring: Air-sprung and coil-sprung versions available

Offset: 51mm

Air: 100mm – 160mm
Coil: 130mm – 160mm

Air: 2080 grams / 160mm
Coil: 2340 grams / 160mm with 55lb Spring

Max Tire Size: 29 x 2.5, 27.5 x 2.9

Axle Spacing: 15mm x 110mm boost spacing

Adjustments: 7-way adjustability –10 positions of high-speed compression , 20 positions of low speed compression, 15 positions of low speed rebound, 9 positions volume reduction, internal travel adjustment and independently adjustable positive and negative air chambers (air sprung version only).



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