BrainFart: Next Stop: Sunshine and Red Rocks

Ahhh, as the buzz around the Dirt Rag house changes with the completion of issue #133 from “Oh man! It’s deadline!” to talk of which of us are going to what World Tour stops one thing is for sure. Spring must be getting closer and I’m happy to cheat time and the season a little bit by heading toward Tucson, AZ for 24-Hours of Old Pueblo. And hopefully I’ll get to shed some layers of clothing on the way.

In that respect things are looking up. I’m setting my worries aside, leaving my winter riding boots at home and exchanging my snowboarding gloves for some with a lot less insulation and bulk. And please let the sun be shining in the desert. I need nothing more than to make like a lizard and sprawl out on a rock and soak up some rays of heat. Pedaling without mud and ice would also be appreciated.
In any case it’s fun to get out there and ride, experience a different trail network than the ones in my backyard, and introduce Dirt Rag to new people. Plus, meeting some folks that are already subscribing, or those that can give the low down on a place or show the secret trails is always worth the hours spent traveling, even when we leave for the airport at 4a.m. It’s all good when everyone is looking to unwind and pedal or share a beer and relax.
Kona will be hooking Justin and me up with bikes for the race, Justin will be bringing his Hei Hei 2-9 back for a full review, and there will be daily footage from the event and the preceding days on our website. What events are on the Dirt Rag World Tour list? Click here to see where we are headed and come out and ride. –Shannon Mominee


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