Brain Fart: Winter Doldrums Projects

Methinks biking through winter’s fury is an exercise in preparedness, if not stubbornness. It is a wise effort—to doggedly prepare not simply one’s self, but one’s equipment, for the wrath of winter.

Furthermore, the notion occurred to me that sharing my ordeal might perchance afford some amusement to those internet denizens that seemingly take pleasure in reading of such travails. I shall explain forthwith….

Take one ordinary steel hardtail. Replace normal tires with studded versions. Add fenders—a task verily impossible, were it not for a king’s ransom of zip ties. Viola—a winter-ready steed, champing to challenge the icy highways and byways.


FrontFender mountForkBB

Ah, but the sun does shine, however briefly, in wintertime. Wise is he with a sturdy mount in his stable—a workhorse to haul provisions to fill the larder.
Verily, a diet of all work and no play is nary in balance. A sojourn to the Castle of Ray is in order. To ride the oaken planks is a proven tonic for the winter doldrums. And a spry steed is necessary for such a lively undertaking.
ChameleonTireFront viewdrivetrain


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