Brain Fart: SLX Group Test Bike Build

The Santa Cruz Heckler frame, previously seen in a different configuration here and here, is being reborn as the test bed for some new products:

Shimano SLX group—replaces LX and Hone, aimed at the trail bike/all-mountain market. Our set up will be decidedly big-hitish, with a bashguard double crank, and oversize front rotor.

Rock Shox Monarch rear shock—The newest version of Rock Shox’s platform damper. Perfect for a single pivot bike like the Heckler.

Halo Freedom Disc Rims—The SLX group doesn’t include wheels, so Halo’s US distributor, Bicycle Technology International, sent a set of Halo Freedom Disc rims our way. I built these up with Wheelsmith double butted spokes. 28mm wide, very stiff, not too heavy either at 570 grams.

A few pictures of the build process:


Still waiting on rotors and a chain. Maybe Santa will come through.

Happy Holidays and all that jazz, go give your mum a kiss.


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